A Quick, Fast Guide to Digital PR

Link building has become more of a challenge these days due to Google’s stricter measures around high-quality links. So, as an SEO specialist, what steps should you employ in order to gain a foothold in search engine rankings? The newest and most relied on as of date is thru extensive digital PR campaigns.

Digital PR campaigns are hot right now and many brands allot huge budgets for it. If you have never applied this strategy before, here are some of the essentials you must remember.

What Is Digital PR Exactly?

Digital PR refers to a marketing strategy which involves the combination of digital channels (SEO, social media platforms, influencers) along with traditional PR media interactions. This strategy lets brands touch base and create relationships with prominent media outlets to acquire editorial coverage thus resulting in more exposure, and strengthened backlinks and SEO.

Digital PR objectives vary depending on your client or brand. Some brands may want to connect with a dominant entity to gain substantial brand awareness or the company may prefer to collaborate with social media influencers with huge followings.

There are plenty that needs to be done in order to get the editorial backlinks a brand needs. First, you have to come up with ideas, produce newsworthy content that gets the attention of journalists then seek possible journalists who are intent in reporting your content and convince them to do so. Because of this, we have made this easy guide to steer you to the right direction.

The Different Types of Digital PR Campaigns

Presented here are some of the most reliable digital PR campaigns used today.

1. The Existing Data Campaign

With existing data campaigns, you will need to recognize several data types so you can utilize them to determine attention-grabbing insights. These insights will be the foundation of the content that you have to offer to journalists of choice. As soon as you have gained your data source, you have to gather raw data and start an analysis to secure those remarkable insights.

2. The Survey Campaign

If the data you need is not readily available, making surveys is a great method to acquire data that you can put in your content. You can use tools like Google Surveys to collect responses for a distinctive data set. Once it is completed, you can then examine the data to get interesting insights.

3. The Map Campaign

The map campaign refers to digital PR marketing in which specialists superimpose gathered data insights on a specific map. Data for the map can be produced from data that already exists or thru surveys. This is a great method in case you want localized results for each state in the country.

What Goes On During the Digital PR Process

Next up are the stages involved in a digital PR campaign.

1. The Ideation Phase

You are now familiar with the varying kinds of digital PR campaigns while working with a Houston SEO company, and you have to choose which one you want to create. The ideation process involves creating multiple campaign options. You can compare those campaigns side by side to see which one will produce the best backlinks and coverage for the brand. The ideation process also engages determining and making remarkable, pitch-worthy content.

2. Publishing the Campaign

You have your content ready, and now it’s time to publish it. During this process, activities like writing blog posts, writing persuasive copy and designing eye-catching graphics are done.

3. Developing the Outreach List

The pitching process then follows campaign publication. This procedure requires seeking relevant journalists that you have to pitch. To find such journalists, you have to utilize media databases like Cision—this option is often used by lots of digital PR campaign strategists due to its formidable, dependable search functionality. Create an outreach list with lots of qualified journalists that you are interested in so you can move on to the next campaign stage.

4. The Pitching Stage

The last part of a digital PR campaign is the pitching process. Once you have acquired the contact information of your chosen journalists, it is time to touch base with them. Make sure to create a pitch email that is direct, short and upfront to get the journalist’s interest.

Remarkable content is the heart and soul of a digital PR campaign, and journalists are one of its building blocks. Thus, you have to create good, lasting relationships with them. You have to gain a journalist’s trust by guaranteeing that the content you offer is of value, accurate and successful.

Digital PR campaigns done right generate significant results with time. Combining traditional PR tactics with digital channels has proven to be very successful since it provides enduring results. It’s a marketing strategy that is indeed, made for these modern times.

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