Mr. Nick Nicholson

Film Critic

and President of 

The Houston Film Critics Society

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In our August issue of C-47 Houston magazine we spoke with Nick Nicholson the president of the Houston Film Critics Society. In our conversation he mentions one of the reasons, and an important reason, why Houston is being passed over as a major contributor in the film industry when it comes to our voice in determining the films that are screened, the power that we have and the way the California film community views our city. Below is what Mr. Nicholson stated:

Mr. Nicholson:

I spoke with a vice-president of public relations at a major studio and was told,  in explicit detail,  that if Houston wants to get on the map, as far as movies go, the city has to get more critics on television. Well, I think that is a valid point. But here is the catch-22 that I have come across with our local television stations here in Houston. Yes! we want to get legitimate film critiques on Television but we can't get the Television studios to even give us the time we need or the time of day. We have members that are more than willing to do this job, and I myself, have been on one of the networks here in Houston, and I volunteered my services every week for free and they wouldn’t jump on the chance. The studios say Houston needs more film critics on television, but the studios don’t want to give us the time. To top it off and what is hurting us is that our area public relations people are saying things are fine because they tend to lump everyone and their dog as a film critic, and those people who are talking about films on our local stations are not legitimate film critics. They are more entertainment reporters, if that. Well, of course, the studios see this and they say it is hurting us.

The only way it can be fixed is if our local PR firms’ start saying these people currently on television talking about film products are not film critics and what the station needs are to have film critics, from a sanctioned Film Critics Society, in front of a camera. We have member that are willing to do it for free and  they are not being given the opportunity.

We at C-47 Houston magazine find it clear what we need to do. Let's get with the program and start making our local economy stronger by doing the right thing.