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"The Great American Moon Rock Caper"



What do you do when you have access to moon rocks and need money? You plan a heist, with three other friends and commit “The Great American Moon Rock Caper” in this feature comedy motion picture by Director Travis Ammons.

Inspired by true events and written by Travis Ammons, “The Great American Moon Rock Caper” tells the story of Tucker (played by Shawn Cook), a NASA intern in charge of cataloging Moon rocks, his girlfriend Stevie (played by Katrina Ellsworth), a stripper by night and NASA intern by day who is trying to make ends meet, Mouse (played by Kristin Chaumont) an independent security consultant (safe-cracker) and NASA intern and her boyfriend Dean (played by Travis Ammons) a small time hood in charge of finding a buyer for the rocks.

Tucker, the mastermind, details a plan to take the rocks, not for money but for the rocks, MOON ROCKS. With full access to the rocks, Tucker finds problems with his plan when access codes are, inadvertently, changed. When Mouse’s attempts to break-in the safe are unsuccessful and within time parameters, Tucker decides to take the whole safe.

Taking refuge at a hotel room and getting away with stealing the safe from NASA, Mouse finally gains access to the safe and find more than moon rocks and the reason why the codes where changed.

Clueless, now this group of geniuses now has to devise a way to sell the rocks. Not being “real” criminals, Dean suggests using Craigslist, an Internet selling site, as a means of finding a buyer.  But, moon rocks are priceless. What do you sell them for and who will buy them?

Directed by Travis Ammons, “The Great American Moon Rock Caper” is a fun movie to watch and thoroughly entertaining. The humor is subtle but very effective when combined with facial and body movements. The interaction between the characters and how they relate with each other is believable. This was an outstanding cast of talented actors that complimented each other in an ensemble group of characters. Of special note was the interjection of Dr. Garfield (played by David Maldonado) Tucker’s supervisor at NASA. Dr. Garfield was your Typical NASA administrator and sometimes just a plain “nerd”. Mr. Maldonado’s performance came across very naturally on the screen. He did a really good job, as did all the actors in this movie.

Editing was good, smooth and seamless.

One drawback with this feature motion picture was sound. Although, consistent throughout the entirety of the movie, (meaning tone and level) there was that independent, low budget sound quality that seems to permeate indie movies. There was that echo and canned sound, that reverberation that distinguishes studio movies from independent movies. And this, of course, was an independent movie.

The story itself was interesting. There were some scenes that could have been tightened and some of the acting was a little forced, but otherwise, the director was able to tell a good visual story that made sense and was coherent from beginning to the end. We are not going defend or attack the fine points of the story as we have seen worse stories from studio films. Let’s just say that Travis told a good story.

The music soundtrack for “The Great American Moon Rock Caper” was outstanding. It kind of reminded me of the “Ocean’s 11” soundtrack and conducive to performing a “heist” and a “caper”. It was upbeat, methodical and fun to listen to as you tapped your feet. Music flowed and pushed the movie smoothly from one scene to another and the genre was consistent in that there was a theme to the music as it moved through different scenes and different atmospheres. Well done.

Lighting, however, did jump around a bit from scene to scene and could have been a little more dramatic.

In all, “The Great American Moon Rock Caper” is a good movie to pop into your player when you want see a movie on those rainy kind of days.

Judge for yourself, pick up the movie and watch it. Also, help movie makers make Movies and help fund them by becoming a Producer.

The TSIRS rating: C47Houston gives this movie a 4.4 out of 5 on the TSIRS scale.

C47Houston was at the Houston premiere of “The Great American Moon Rock Caper”. You can see the pictures at: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.2152459610553.2134667.1218281768&l=992560f07f  

The Production company held a fundraising event for the movie and you can see those pictures at: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.1170366938850.2027710.1218281768&type=1&l=06405a20a6 

And, C47Houston News & Entertainment magazine was able to grab Director Travis Ammons for our quick video cutin. You can see it at our YouTube channel at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vBDSSFTGZzU

Title: The Great American Moonrock Caper

Productions company: Flock on a Wire Productions, Environmental Earth-Wise, Inc. and TickTickBang Productions, DixieScouse Productions, Melancholy Pictures

Director: Travis Ammons

Written by: Travis Ammons

Executive Producer: Marlene Sarres

Producer:  Rick Boyd, Cass Carlyle, Travis Ammons, Wes Linnenbank

Co-Produced by: Evil Steve, Clayton Grisso, Sherri Moberg, Deacon Delluci

Associate Producer: David Chaumont

Line Producer: Katrina Ellsworth

Casting by Yankie Grant

Extras Casting by: Joe Grisaffi

Costumes by: Pennie Vincent

Special props by: Aubrey Harding

Music by: Rob Powers

Director of photography: Bill Mactavish

Editors: Clayton Miller, Deacon Dellucci

Casting: Shawn Cook, Katrina Ellsworth, Kristin Chaumont, Travis Ammons, Dave Maldonado, Wes Linnenbank, Wayne Dehart

Websites: https://www.facebook.com/groups/56698778415/





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