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"The Darq: Samhalnophobia"



Something strange is going on at a local haunted house. The props look a little too real and people are missing in this feature horror motion picture by Director John “Jon” Seabreak called “The Darq: Samhalnophobia”

Written by Jai Aitch, David Williamson and Mr. Seabreak, “The Darq” tells the story of a struggling haunted house called the “Silo of Doom”. On the verge of closing up and an eye sore in the neighborhood, the “Silo of Doom” is losing money and becomes a haven for thieves and degenerates. Constant break-in’s by local kids and drunks forces the owners, Hector (played by Thomas “Gage Maverik” White) and Dave (played by Juan Gabriel Pareja), to take drastic measures. Not getting any help from the police Hector suggests that they capture the trespassers and force them to be part of the “act” in this failing haunted house. Dave laughs this off but finds, himself, capturing a group of teens. He then starts to torture them and makes them part of the “act” and displays them in the house for all to see. Just what the Doctor ordered, the “Silo of Doom” is now drawing in a crowd and NOW turning a profit. Business is good.

When the parents and the community start to blame the house and the owners for the loss and disappearances of their children, the tortured and displayed teens are being killed by an internet torture-site junkie named Jason (played by Scott Fisher)

Dave and Hector, now have a problem…what to do with all the bodies?

Now, under investigation after finding a mass grave, the police arrest Dave, Hector, Jason and other crewmembers. Someone is going to take the blame for all these killings but Dave and Hector don’t plan on going to prison.

Technically, “The Darq” is typical and unremarkable for this type of horror movie. Sound was consistent; lighting was designed to give the audience a dark and scary atmosphere and, of course there is a lot of blood and body parts to be seen. Special effects and visual effects were amazing and frightening, at the same time.

Behind the camera as cinematographer is Mr. Seabreak.  He did an outstanding job in composing his frames, use of low angles, following the characters as they moved and showing a visually disgusting movie about mass murder. His use of light and shadows was a testament to his skills as a moviemaker. His shots in “The Darq” are eerie and dramatic. Foley was outstanding and was the stunts…Very realistic.

Music sound track that accompanied the movie moved nicely and consistently throughout the entirety of the movie. It had an industrial tone to it that gave the audience a feeling of foreboding and uneasiness and set the tone for the scenes.

Editing was tight, flowed and set the pace, rather nicely, from one scene to another.

As a director, we think Mr. Seabreak was able to get a natural and an amazing performance from all the actors involved with this Movie. There were some performances that lacked skills, although saying that, they didn’t detract from the majority of the well-done performances in this movie. As well, his directing skills and his vision in making this type of horror movie came across nicely on the screen. You can tell that Mr. Seabreak both had some experience in making movies or Television OR he watched a lot of horror movies and picked up some excellent ideas that showed in his directing of “The Darq”.

Story wise, “The Darq” was a bit hard to follow. There was a lot of flash backs from the start of the movie to the end.  I actually had to watch the movie a couple of times to get the story line straight and even then I am not sure I really knew what was going on and why it was happening. It wasn’t that it was a complicated storyline, but that Mr. Seabreak was trying to add several dimensions to the story that didn’t really work very well with the overall story line of the movie.

One particular sequence of scenes regarding a music studio was not needed and could have been cut, as it didn’t really add to the story. And, there were a couple of awkward scenes that were fixed in post and “dubbed” over the original footage or added that was quite noticeable from an audience standpoint.

In all, “The Darq” was an entertaining movie to watch. It was indeed suspenseful and there were a lot of moments of cutting and torturing that made this movie something that will attract horror movie fans. Some of the scenes were pretty horrifying and disgusting to say the least.

Don’t agree with our assessment? Order up the movie and watch it for yourself. Support independent moviemaking. Open your wallets to help independent moviemakers to make their movies. You really don’t have to know about the business to fund a movie. If you funds are large enough you can be listed as an Executive Producer or producer forever.

TSIRS Rating: C47Houston gives this movie a 4.2 out of 5 on the TSIRS scale.

C47Houston was invited to the premiere screening of “The Darq”. You can see some of the pictures we took at: www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.1494026190129.2068728.1218281768&type=1&l=8da447693e

C47Houston News & Entertainment Magazine was able to grab Director John “Jon” Seabreak at the premiere and he was kind enough to talk about his movie in front of our cameras. You can see that video on our YouTube Channel at: http://youtu.be/gNtCyqhBlUw

Title: The Darq: Samhalnophobia

Running time: 90-minues

Location: Houston and Alvin Texas

Production Company: CDC Productions, AiFilms, Jon Seabreak Pictures

Premiere: May 25, 2010 at the Houston Community College’s Screening Room, Town & Country (Spring) Campus, Houston Texas

Written by: John “Jon” Seabreak, David Williamson and Jai Aitch

Directed by: John ‘Jon” Seabreak

Executive Producer: John “Jon” Seabreak

Producers: Reesica Cornett, Deiadre Robinson, Bill Timm, Drew Whikehart and David Williamson

Cinematographer: John “Jon” Seabreak

Casting: Markeya Williams

Art Direction by: Tom Martino

Make Up: Tom Martino

Sound by: John “Jon” Seabreak

Special Effects by: Coady Allen, Tom Martino, Barry Strickland

Visual Effects by: Felix Garcia, John “Jon” Seabreak

Stunts: John “Jon” Seabreak

Casting: Juan Gabriel Pareja (The Walking Dead), Thomas White (Gage Maverik), Jeffry Griffin, Vannessa Vasquez, Scott Fisher, Walter Tamacas, Clara McVille, Rafael Zubizarreta, Julie Fontenot, Jon-Michael Foshee, Felix Garcia, AnnMarie Giaquinto, Gregor Haley, Scott Jefferies, Dustin Lane, Nina Leon, Roc Living,, Melody Moss, Patrick Nicolas, Maneul Padilla, Jennifer Rodriquez, Barry Strickland, , Michael Wayne Thomas, , Kimbery Vega, James Wark, Nicole Elliot, Ashton Arendell, Taylor Arendell, Britany Berry, H.R. Roundtree Black G, Orlando Bravo, Letitia Canady, Annie Chang, Edbony Coleman, Reesica Cornett, Paige Creswell, Jasmine Daviss, Robert Descant, John Devereaux, Jenny Dickson, Mike Easy, Will Ervin, Jonathan Fausset

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