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The Texas Standardized Independent Rating System (TSIRS)

(the teaser scale)




C47Houston News & Entertainment Magazine is now on a quest to improve the skills of our local and state TV/Filmmakers. We are now creating and establishing the - Texas Standardized Independent TV/Film Rating System (TSIRS) in order to provide TV/film makers a gauge by which to aspire when it comes to the technical side of this industry.

We are considered to be “experts” in the field and we have had the pleasure to have seen numerous indie films and projects in the Houston area and across the states to be able to objectively determine the rate of projects based on what we have seen and determined by the criteria set forth below.

This rating system is not intended to “review” a film. That is best left to film critics. Our objective is merely to provide a system by which we can evaluate a project’s overall aesthetic composition when compared to other films in the area, in this state and compared to TV/Film makers across the country.

In order for the State of Texas and the City of Houston to be able to compete with industry professionals in the Hollywood and Los Angeles areas, for example, WE are going to have to provide a higher standard of TV/Film making that will rival the technical aspects of those professionals in California. In order to entice investors to fund our local and state projects, aside from catchy tax incentives, both our TV and Film makers will have to provide those investors with a product that is sound, marketable and contains a high level of quality production.

A project, at the very least, should be constructed to contain:

1. a consistent story (with a beginning, a middle and an end )

2. good consistent sound (from beginning to end - deep, rich and even throughout the project )

3. good consistent lighting (from beginning to end )

4. good consistent foley (from beginning to end )

5. good continuity (from beginning to end)

6. good consistent sound track (from beginning to end)

7. good cast (that compliment each other and the overall project)

8. good acting (from beginning to end)

9. good frame composition (cinematography) (from beginning to end including use of camera and angles) and,

10. good editing techniques (from beginning to end)


The Rating System: ( 0 - 5 star ratings )

***** Outstanding Project - contains all the elements needed in the construction of a project (regardless of review and/or popularity) Technical aspects of this project meet all the criteria.

**** Excellent Project - contains most of the elements needed in the construction of a project (regardless of review and/or popularity) one or two elements are missing.

*** Great Project – Contain a lot of the elements needed in the construction of a project (regardless of review and/or popularity) Three or more elements are missing.

** Good Project – Contains some of the elements needed in the construction of a project (regardless of review and/or popularity)

* Nice Project – Contains some of the elements needed in the constructing of a project (regardless of review and/or popularity)

No Star - Not worth talking about.


Receiving a 1-star rating does not imply that the film is faulted, rather that the technical aspects of the film did not meet the criteria needed to construct a film that is sound, marketable and/or meeting a production quality that rivals a “outstanding project”.

Likewise, receiving a 5-star rating does not imply that the film is marketable rather the film meets the criteria and its production quality makes the project rival those made in the Hollywood or Los Angeles area, for example.

Most importantly, we insist on being fair with our rating system and impervious to influence. Thus, maintaining our integrity of fairness and providing an honest gauge by which our TV/Film makers can rely on when constructing a project.

To start this process, if C47Houston News & Entertainment Magazine were classified as a TV/Film project we would honestly and objectively rate this project as a 2-Star magazine. Knowing this, we will certainly strive to improve the elements that are needed to construct this publication in order to attain a 5-Star rating. Thus improving the overall economy of our area and providing an outstanding forum for commercial advertising as well as industry NEWS.

We will be rating any and all films we see using the TSIRS. You may request a retro rating, by sending us a copy of the DVD.


The “Teasers” scale is opinion based on the criteria set forth above. Your invitation to invite the public to your screening produces a consent on your part for opinion and assessment.



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