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In love and having a baby is the American dream. But, when things don’t go as planned and now your marriage is not working, seeking therapy may be the answer. However, this radical therapy is not for everyone in this feature thriller motion picture by duel directors Mark Dennis and Ben Foster called “Strings”

Shot in Austin, Texas and New York, for a mere 65K, “Strings” tells the story of Billy (played by Billy Harvey), a musician and piano player, and his wife Chavine (played by Elle LaMont) as they struggle through their marriage after the loss of their baby.

Trying to cope the best they can, they slowly, and inevitably, start drifting apart. Seeing that Chavine is wasting away, and, he is not making enough money to pay the rent, (something which is pointed out to Chavine by her mother on a constant basis) they seek counseling from Jack (played by Jack Lee) a grief support counselor.

By chance, Billy finds out that Jack is recruiting subjects for a “different” type of therapy, a radical therapy that requires the subject to completely remove themselves from their present lives and assume a totally different identity. Wanting to find fulfillment and to release Chavine from her life of insecurity and poverty, Billy willingly agrees to be treated, for the better. He drops everything he ever knew, takes one last look at his wife and walks away. Learning more, Jimmy, his new assumed name, finds out that the therapy involves becoming a vigilante for hire, however there are strings attached. No contact with your former life, secrecy and any deviation may result in your treatment and your life being terminated. One can never go back.

On his first job, a group, including Jimmy, rescues a young woman and a group of children caught up in a slave sex ring. When one of the members is killed and a surveillance camera catches Jimmy’s face it is plastered all over the NEWS, now Jimmy must undergo extreme plastic surgery to keep from being caught or recognized. In an attempt to “cover-up”, the body of the member that was killed is put in an SUV with Billy’s identification, and parts from the plastic surgery and set on fire. Chavine gets the news that her husband is dead. Years later Jimmy (played by Chris Potter) is a skilled vigilante for hire, but is in need of a long overdo vacation as he is becoming “burnt-out”. Instead of going to the assigned location for his vacation, Jimmy decides to stay and “mellow-out”. While walking around and clearing his head he comes across a piano store owned by a husband and wife team, in need of help. But, people are always watching and now he must stand up against the consequences for deviating from the plan and attempting to go back home.

Directed by Mark Dennis and Ben Foster this feature thriller is an excellent story with twists and turns. With Mike Simpson behind the camera “Strings” is a very dramatic looking motion picture. The shots are choreographed, blocked, framed and each scene seems to be a detailed picture of emotions for the characters and for the story. Lighting is excellent and moving and sound is consistent throughout the entirety of the movie.

Each of the actors did a fantastic job in their related roles and each complimented the other, which a lot of indie movie do not posses – an ensemble of talent that can work together and at the same time, can relate to each other as characters.  We were hard-pressed to find an unnatural sense about the characters as they related to one another.

Written by Mark Dennis, the story itself was well written with a beginning, middle and an ending. Scenes flowed from one to another really smoothly and without jumps in continuity. As well, the theme throughout the movie was consistent with a man trying to make his life better and feeling the need to go home.  He was always on the edge.

The music soundtrack was exceptional and moved the film nicely and evenly. Cuts were seamless and paced the movie from scene to scene without being too rushed. This was a really good movies to movie to watch

Harriet and Joe Foster were the hosts of the special screening of this Award winning feature movie. It premiered in Houston at the Landmark River Oaks Theater on March 6, 2012 to a full house. This is the filmmakers’ first feature film and if you have a chance to see it you will be very impressed. Judge for yourself. Pick up a DVD and watch it. Also, play a role in the continuing effort to move “Hollywood” to Texas and help support our indie moviemakers make movies. All it takes is money. Your name can be listed on credits as an Executive Producer or if you want to be more involved as a Producer. How awesome is that?

TSIRS Rating: C47Houston gives “Strings” a high 4.5 out of 5 on the TSIRS scale

C47Houston was there at the premiere and we took some pictures you can see them at:

C47Houston News & Entertainment Magazine was able to grab both Mark Dennis and Ben Foster prior to the Premiere and they talked to us. You can see that video on our YouTube Channel: http://youtu.be/E9eq-LGW8eQ

Title: Strings

Production Company: Fosterfilm Productions

Houston Premiere: March 6th, 2012 at the Landmark River Oaks Theater

Directed by: Mark Dennis and Ben Foster

Written by: Mark Dennis

Producers: Mark Dennis and Ben Foster

Co-Produced by: Gretchen Upshaw, Terry Melton, Spencer Greenwood, D.J. Castillo, Garrett Rowe

Director of Photography Mike Simpson

Composer: Jermaine Stegall,

Casting: Billy Harvey, Chris Potter, Elle LaMont, Karl Anderson, Olivia Dragucevich, Daniel Dasent, Phillip Yeager, Gary Chason, Larry Dodson, Joe Azzato, Diane Bernard, Jenny Anderson, Spencer Greenwood, Freddy Joe Odiome, Cheryl Bliss, Tony Bottorf, Steve Muccini and Jack Lee.

Websites: www.Stringsmovie.com






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