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Review Policy



We would love to review your movie. We prefer feature movies. For your movie to be reviewed by C47Houston, your movie MUST meet, at the very least, quality moviemaking. This means that WE will NOT review a movie that is substandard. "Substandard" meaning movies whose production values are below par value. We will view your movie and if we think it is worth a review, we will review it. 

Along side the production value criteria mentioned above, in order for your movie to be reviewed by C47Houston News & Entertainment Magazine, we MUST:

1. Receive a DVD or internet link to the movie

2. have met the Director of the movie

3. have an original picture of the Director taken at the screening or premiere of the movie

4. an electronic movie poster forwarded via email to our email address, and

5. reserve the right to critique your movie as we see it. 

Reviews will be posted to our websites and social network sites within 3 weeks of accepting your movie for review.

Absolutely, NO buy-ins. No pictures....no review.  




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