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"Race War: The Remake"



What happens when you have too much time on your hands, drugs and find yourself in the middle of an intergalactic war with aliens who are turning people into zombies? You go a huntn’ in this feature comedy movie by Director Tom Martino called “Race War: The Remake”

Written and produced by Mr. Martino, “Race War: The Remake” a “blaxploitation” movie tells the story of Baking Soda (played by Howard Calvert), G.E.D. (played by Jamelle Kent) (two crack dealers) and their “Creature of the Black Lagoon” looking friend Kreech (played by Danny McCarty). When Baking Soda and G.E.D. relax at home they take a little too much crack and PCP. This is when things get a little strange for the pair of gangsters and one level headed friend. Having trouble trying to sell their “diamond” crack to their regular customers they start defending themselves from hungry zombies. Only concerned about losing their business to “whitie” they are not going to allow competition in their area. On the opposite end, when the owner of a meat packing plant on Uranus, Tex (played by Matt Rogers) needs slaves, he establishes his base at a haunted house called Darke Institute on Earth and starts giving out drugs to Baking Soda’s customers turning them into zombies.

When Baking Soda and Tex clash, Tex sends his zombie “henchmen” to kidnap G.E.D. and Baking Soda to and transport them to Uranus; Baking Soda was not there.

Baking Soda and Kreech later learn that G.E.D. has been kidnapped, they are not happy and declare war and journey to find G.E.D. and kill as many zombies as possible including the “whitie” overlord, Tex, taking his business.

On their quest to find G.E.D., Baking Soda and Kreech learn the REAL reason why Tex is turning people into zombies and NOW it’s time for some payback to save the world.

Technically, this is exploitation and a grindhouse type movie. Director Tom Martino did an excellent job in telling a very funny story and being able to offend sensitive viewer at the same time. As a Cinematographer, Mr. Martino’s use of camera angles, following the characters, composition of frame, movement of camera, lighting and sound was pretty much as expected in this type of movie and this type of story. There were several outstanding scenes that give Mr. Martino imagination behind the camera and as a director trying to screen his vision of a complicated story.

As, a special effects and mask maker of DWNProductin.net  Tom Martino along with visual effects artist and editor Danny McCarty did an outstanding job with makeup, zombies, the killing of zombies, blood and all that goes with zombie movies – a fun time.

Casting for “Race War: The Remake” was definitely an ensemble of well-matched talent. Howard Calvert, Jamelle Kent and Danny McCarty did a fantastic job in complimenting each other with stares, looks and humor. They, indeed, stole the show.

On the downside, this is not a movie for everyone. And, to be truthful, I was apprehensive, based on my personal values, to “get into” this movie that was racists, glorifying drugs, containing sexual innuendos, murder and just a bloody time, but I let myself go, and, when taken as a comedy, found the movie extremely hilarious. The comedic writing of Mr. Tom Martino was definitely something that took some time to create and to make it work. The comedic timing was outstanding and along with his use of camera, this movie was just funny to see.

"Race War: The Remake" was Premiered and screened to a packed theater at the Alamo Drafthouse-West Oaks Mall, Houston Texas, March 31, 2011. A DWN Production the film is a weird mix of vulgar humor, notions of racism, violence, drugs, obscenities, a black lagoon creature, sound effects, visual effects, emotional effects and a down right jaw dropping, gory film.  Mr. Martino's vision was to emotionally attack the audience. If you know Mr. Martino you know that he makes no excuses and plays by his own reality. Keep an open mind if you get a chance to see this movie. It will shock you, it will disgust you and it will make you laugh.

TSIRS Rating: C47Houston gives “Race War: The Remake” a strong 4.4 out of 5 on the TSIRS scale. 

C47Houston News & Entertainment Magazine was at the Premiere. We took some pictures. You can see them at: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.1986458940640.2121457.1218281768&type=1&l=763e86769a

C47Houston was able to catch the director of “Race War” Mr. Tom Martino during the screening. We grabbed a few minutes with him and he talked about his movie. You can see that video on our YouTube Channel at: http://youtu.be/sUp2OabcBQw

Title: Race War:  The Remake

Production Company: DWN Productions, Uncle Tom Productions

Executive Produced by: Tom Martino, Linda Clark and John Clark

Associate Produced by: Katie Martio, David Clark and Doug Taylor

Running time: 95minutes

Premiere: March 31, 2011 at the Alamo Drafthouse-West Oaks Mall, Houston Texas.

Director: Tom Martino

Writer: Tom Martino

Cinematographer: Tom Martino

Music by: Danny McCarty

Editors: Tom Martino and Danny McCarty

Special Effects: Tom Martino and DWN Productions

Visual Effects: Danny McCarty

Stunt Drivers: Skids Akimbo

Lighting and Sound by: Tom Martino, Danny McCarty, Keo-d Allen, Mat Jolly Rogers

Sound Design by: Danny McCarty

Puppeteer: Kerryn Ledet

Animation: Danny McCarty

Music: Subliminal Payback and Dirty Wormz

Casting: Howard Calvert, Jamelle Kent, Danny McCarty, Coady “Keo-d” Allen, Corey Fuller, Joe Grisaffi, Kerryn Ledet, Tom Martino, Sam Rivas, Matt Rogers, Eve Blaak.

Websited: www.DWNProductions.net






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