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"One Foot In The Gutter"



It’s all about the party. It’s all about friendships. And, it’s all about the girls. But what happens when you realize there is more to life? When there is more to drinking and having fun? And, what happens when your friends remain the same in this feature motion picture by Director Justin Koleszar called “One Foot in the Gutter”?

Written by Mr. Koleszar, “One Foot in the Gutter” tells the story of a group of going-no-where roommates and best friends who drink, smoke and like to party. When one of the roommates, Marshall (played by Geoff Stewart), runs his car off the road while going into town for food, with his friend Daniel (played by Nicholas Ferrucci), he is injured. With a concussion and charged with driving while intoxicated, Marshall doesn’t remember what happened but is freaking out and is re-evaluating his life as an alcoholic. After talking to the prosecutor he has two options, go to a treatment and rehab facility for 3 months or pay fines and go to jail for a week. He has to be at his hearing the next day, but his roommates decide to throw a party. They want the “old” Marshall back and want to drink and have fun. The roommates, content with the way things are in their lives, try to convince Marshall to stay. But Marshall is reflecting on the last 10 wasted years of his life. Awake for the first time in years, Marshall sees his life for what it is and his friends for who they are. Now, Marshall’s brother, Garrett (played by Jesse Henderson) is moving in and he is not happy. And, Daniel has a secret that seems to be eating at him. A story about growing up and facing a wasted life, “On Foot in the Gutter” reveals the trap of wanting to stay young and free.

Behind the camera is Cinematographer Ryan Kunkleman who did a great job in shooting this movie. He used a RedOne Movie camera to lens this movie.  Framing was outstanding. His use of movement and angels created a moving and visual piece of stunning workmanship. His eye behind the camera came across the screen wonderfully. Detailed, composition and lighting mixed very nicely in this feature motion picture. Lighting was excellently placed to give depth and dimension to the characters, the environment and to each scene. Very nice to look at.

Directed by Oregon State’s Justin Koleszar, this feature was his third endeavor. Mr. Koleszar has family connections in the Houston area and thus the reason for screening it in the Houston area and in Texas.  The vision he shows us was quite beautiful and at the same time, somewhat disturbing. The clash between those that want a life with no responsibility and those that seek more than one party after another is a frustration that the director is able to convey to the audience. The main character has challenges to overcome with his best friends who have a constant need for alcohol. Director Justin Koleszar is able to bring out a fantastic performance from each of his characters.

Casting was a true ensemble and all the characters complimented each other and most importantly, the interaction between them all seems “real” and “balanced”. Not only that, often times with indie motion pictures the characters voices and inflections don’t match or they are forcing their lines. Not in this feature. The talent was chosen and each of them were at a similar pitch and at no time were lines forced and unnatural.

As well, the sound track was outstanding and flowed from scene to scene when needed and with a consistent theme. Sound levels were consistent throughout the entirety of movie with deep tones and no echoing.

The story itself was well written with a beginning, middle and end. Sure there was a montage of scenes where the director wanted to show the extent of drunkenness and the extent these group of friends will go to have a good time, but that only moved the story along. The audience was privy to this particular lifestyle that consumes this group. We tried to find something that we didn’t like about this movie and were hard pressed to find anything. We guess the only major drawback is that one could have easily misconstrued the underlying message and found, instead, a glamorous life of drinking beer, having a good time and just wasting years behind an illusion of parties and drunken fun. As with the young brother Garrett who had always wanted to party with his old brother Marshall and his friends and seeing this lifestyle from a distance. An illusion.

This was a very good movie. Judge for yourself, pick up “One Foot in the Gutter” and watch it, you will be pleasantly surprise at what some people can do with minimal budgets and a dedicated team. Be a producer and help make a movie, this is a way in and one that will give you credit.

The TSIRS rating: C47Houston rated “One Foot in the Gutter” a 4.6 out of 5 on the TSIRS scale.

C47Houston was at the premiere and we took some pictures you can see them at: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.2145000784087.2134233.1218281768&type=1&l=e7337f6424

C47Houston News & Entertainment Magazine received the opportunity to grab Director Justin Koleszar prior to the Houston Premiere for our quick interview. You can see that video on our YouTube Channel at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S4ZUrxekstg

Title: One Foot in the Gutter

Production Company: Neyze Productions

Released: 2011

Houston Premiere: June 6th, 2011 at the Alamo Drafthouse-West Oaks Mall.

Running time: 92-minutes

Director: Justin Koleszar

Writer: Justin Koleszar

Producers: Benjamin Flooter, Benjamin A. James, Justin Koleszar, Ernest Quiroz

Cinematographer: Ryan Kunkleman

Sound: Shawn Willis

Music by: Adam Allred, Tobias Nathaniel, Daniel Kilpatrick

Songs by: Bell Planes, The Whines, Hanging Coffins, Breakfast Mountain

Casting: Geoff Stewart, Nick Ferrucci, Ben Parslow, Zach Sanchez, Luke Clements, Jesse Henderson, Meredith Adelaide, Sara Leighton, Harold Phillips, Jon Lee, Rian Turner, Nick Clements, Theresa Park, Adam Walker, Morgan Christensen, Cory Kramer, Bella Showerman, Jacqueline Gault, Luke Isaacs, Cait Nolan.

Websites: www.OneFootInTheGutter.com

http://www.imdb.com/name/nm1503424/   Justin Koleszar

http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1808365/   One Foot in the Gutter







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