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"Now Hiring"



Bills are piling up and a marriage is on the rocks when an out of work man has to decide to hit the pavement and look for a job. Responding to an advertisement from a "secret" company looking to hire someone with skills, this average Joe, fluffs his resume, skills and is now in the middle of an extraordinary adventure in this feature motion picture by San Antonio Director Mark Cantu titled "Now Hiring".

Written by Mark Cantu and based on a short film with the same name, "Now Hiring"  follows Joe Martin (played by Jason Sedillo) an unemployed husband who is looking for work.  With unemployment and unhappiness  straining his marriage with his wife, Sarah (played by Caitlin Rose Williams) Joe struggles to provide for his family.

Now on a quest to find "anything" that can pay, Joe goes on interview after interview. When, his wife suggest that he be a little more proactive in talking about his work "skills", Joe responds to a classified ad looking for "skilled heroes" and sets up an appointment. 

At the interview, and with his wife's suggestions, Joe fluffs his skills, exaggerates his qualifications and plays up his character and convinces the hiring partners that he is a "can-do" kind of guy and definitely a "hero" type of guy. 

With a "can-do" attitude and thinking he is applying for a cosplay gig for children's birthday parties, Joe Martin lets it slip out to Blinx (played by Akasha Banks Villalobos), his interviewer, that he is a superhero by the name of Average Joe with the ability to fly, deflect bullets and shoot lasers out of his eyes.

Impressed, Joe Martin is hired and is led to HR where Dr. Mystico (played by Taylor James Johnson) issues out his Uniform (or as Joe sees it... his cosplay costume).  As, they are testing the uniform an emergency calls comes in and Blinx, Dr. Mystico and, now, Average Joe respond with haste to a warehouse where Lord Menace (played by Camden Toy) has captured hostages and is threatening the city of San Antonio and then the World.  Still convinced that he is in cosplay, Joe quickly realizes that this is not a birthday party... this is not cosplay... but real life and he is now an unknowing member of a group of crime fighting superheroes with actual superpowers.  Joe's fate and the fate of the world rests in what the Average Joe has to do to keep this team together, his family together and defeat evil. After all, the average Joe always pulls-up his bootstraps and takes on the impossible. With no power to speak of, Average Joe, must step up to the plate, fight the bad guys and save the city, all the while trying to save his marriage.

Written by Mark Cantu and shot exclusively in San Antonio Texas the story is an interesting one. There was a lot of action and that action was supplemented by the subplot and the constant threats by Lord Menace. Extraordinary heroes fighting an evil tyrant, you can only imagine that "Now Hiring"  will deliver a comicbook-esk type of movie that one would expect.  Not bad for a low budget independent action hero movie. This was the type of movie where if you didn't have popped corn, you would actually go get some and watch a particularly entertaining feature movie.  

"Now Hiring also features characters (the good guys) like The Flamer (played by Roman Garcia), The Nightwatchman (played by Jason Scarbrough), as well as The Blinx (played by Akasha Banks Villalobos) and, of course, The Average Joe (played by Jason Sedillo). The bad guys for this movie include the Villainous Lord Menace (played by Camden Toy), The Brain (played by John Lambert) and M.A.X. (played by Keith Berry).

Costume designs were exceptional, colorful and, although some of the costumes were a bit campy, I think it worked for this movie. They were just what you would expect them to be if they were taken directly out of a comic book. 

Technically, our particular screening at the Santikos Palladium in Houston, Texas, saw a difference as to who was behind the camera. Rack it up to aspect ratio and theater equipment, as the director explained, but one of the camera used was burry and un-necessarily  so. It was a distraction that consumed close to 50 percent of the movie. WE, of course, hope that it is due to theater equipment and we are sure that when the DVD is released we will find a movie with focus in its entirety.  (We will let you know and will change this portion of our review, should we be mistaken).

Funded, in part, by IndieGoGo, from what we could tell, sound was leveled throughout the movie, foley was excellently created, camera angles were creative, composition was framed, special effects were dynamic, sound design was complimentary, set design and location were outstanding, The Choreographed fight scenes were outstanding  to watch, editing was seamless and transitions were not even noticeable moving this movie from one scene to another effortlessly and the score gave this movie an excellent pace.

In all "Now Hiring" was a good movie for entertainment value. Production value, aside from the blurriness, was not too bad for an independent movie. This was a movie to go see if you have a chance to see it on a big screen. You will not be disappointed.

C47Houston talked with Director Mark Cantu and we found that this "Now Hiring" is his Directorial Feature debut. His work experience ranges from commercial television spots for The Paint Drop and Doritos "Crash The Super Bowl" to music videos for such artists as DJ Gilbert, Carrizales and gospel artist Nadine Mansour. His team of moviemakers have made award-winning movies for the 48 Hour Film Project-San Antonio ranging from action to comedy. 


Why this Film? Well, Im just attracted to superheroes to begin with, not necessarily comic books but superheroes in general. They kind of represent the best in all of us, the best in man and in women. And, on top of that, the challenge for me was to wrap a superhero movie around what was essentially a romantic comedy. And, I think we have done that. At the core of the movie is a story about a man and his wife and thats about it. If you took away the super hero elements it would be just about a man and his wife trying to make their marriage work and it would be a great romantic comedy. But, it so happens that weve also hidden it underneath this action and super hero stuff. So, its kind of the best of both worlds. We have seen a lot of support for this movie from San Antonio and we have seen a lot of support, financially, from the Houston area, so its great to be here, to have the support of the city and to be able to show it off to a lot of our investors in Houston. And, hopefully we will be back soon.  Director Mark Cantu

Mr. Cantu graced the cover of our C47Houston 2014 WEEKLYS issue number 5, the excerpt above was his contribution to that issue along with photos from the Houston Premiere. If you want to order Issue number 5 with Director Mark Cantu goto: www.C47Houston.com/Weeklys.htm ($2.17)

We were thrilled to see a very well-made movie that contained a very manageable story with action and adventure. 

C47Houston News & Entertainment Magazine rated this movie using our TSIRS scale and gave this feature movie by Director Mark Cantu and strong 4.5 out of 5 Stars.  Good job. 

Production Company: Live Wire Films and Ninja cat Productions

Written by Mark Cantu

Genre: Action/Comedy

Running time: 94-minutes

Executive Producers: Althria Berry-Goebel, Ann Hollingsworth Patrie and Rachel Pineda

Producers: Nisha Bostic, Elizabeth Cantu, Jena Schoniger, Donna Swafford and Joel Tovar

Sneak Peek: May 18th, 2014 San Antonio, Texas at the Palladium IMAX

Houston Premiere: June 8th at the Santikos Palladium AVX Theater, Houston, Texas

Costume Design by: Crissy Baker

Production Manager: Donna Swafford

Editor: Mark Cantu

Music by: Dave Anson

Sound Department: Mark Cantu, Gary Oscar Laun and Andy Lundquist

Special Effects by: Mark Cantu

Visual Effects by Mark Cantu, Ryan Nonaca, Daniel Salivar, Dustin Solomon and Ezequiel Zanoni

Stunts by Alejandro Vargas-Lugo

Casting: : Evan Materne, Camden Toy, Johanna Goldsmith, Timmy Williams, Caitlin Rose Williams, Claire Tablizo, Brant Bumpers, Richard Dane Scott, Heather Materne, Judy McMilan, Bryan Ortiz, Jamye Cox, Jason Scarbrough, Akasha Banks Villalobos, Jason Sedillo, Keith Berry II, Jet Baker, Cameron Scott, Nikki Young, Roman Garcia, Skylar Brown, Joseph Anthony, Torence White, Robert Jerdee, James Chapman, Andrew Jacobi Jeter, Nichole Cardella, Althria Berry-Goebel, Jeremy Hayden, Alessandra Manon, Taylor James Johnson, Gloria Sanchez, Gregg Rodriquez, Joseph Cantu, Aleah Jean, Johnny Luna and Brennan Loy.

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YouTube Trailer: http://youtu.be/FwPD5wXGBok 

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Twitter: www.twitter.com/NowHiring_Movie 

IMDB:  http://www.imdb.com/title/tt2289182/ 






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