EVENT:  April 18, 2009





The 42 Annual


Independent International 

Film Festival

(April 17, 2009 at the AMC Studio 30 - Dunvale, Houston, Texas)


Opening night at WorldFest-Houston was spectacular with an Art car parade, a 10-piece mariachi band and the arrival of legendary actress Ms. Patricia Neal and director/filmmaker Jim Amatulli who helped to kick-off this memorable event. They drove up in a vintage White Roll Royce, where she was greeted by fans who clapped and cheered.  Ms. Neal was kind enough to allow the Paparazzi to take her picture while she signed autographs for waiting fans. She was talkative and surprisingly warm. She was escorted to the theater where she was sitting-in and viewing the film "Flying By", a film by director Jim Amatulli in which Ms. Neal was cast in a small roll as Margie, the mother of George Barron, played by Country singer/actor Billy Ray Cyrus.  The Founder and Director of WorldFest-Houston hosted the opening night event with a presentation of the Lifetime Achievement Remi Award to Ms. Patricia Neal. She was thrilled and happy to accept the award and was quick with the wit as a full theater of film buffs and Patricia Neal fans were treated to her legendary voice and allure. Most of the cast of the film sat at the front of the theater. After the screening, a lengthy question and answer session about the film and of Ms. Neal's past were tossed around. Amazingly, the film was made in 20-days, that according to the Director. One fan asked Ms. Neal to reveal her favorite movie in which she replied, "A Face in the Crowd". This film was indeed a powerful film and stars Andy Griffith in a role that is shockingly disturbing and giving a glimpse of how easy it is to fall prey to success and power. My favorite film, as I am a Sci-Fi fan, was the 1951 black and white film "The Day the Earth Stood Still" where Ms. Neal played "Helen Benson" and saves the Earth by relating the words "Klaatu Barada Nikto".  The After-party and reception was equally impressive. It was held at the Renaissance Hotel on the top floor of the Skyroom. Champaign was gratis and again, Ms. Neal was available for anyone to approach her for pictures and autographs. If you miss this event, you missed out on a memorable treat.  

Worldfest-Houston continues with screenings from April 18th through Sunday, April 26th at the AMC Studio 30 - Dunvale. Tickets are still available. You can see individual films or blocks. In most cases the filmmakers will be in attendance.  For tickets visit: www.WorldFest.org   If you would like to see some of the pictures (click here) Enjoy!

Mid-week, veteran producer/actor Rip Torn and family jetted in to enjoy the premiere his produced film "Lucky Days" directed by son Tony Torn, and in which he has a part of "Bobo" and his daughter Angelica Torn plays the lead as "Virginia". 

And, Both French and British consuls feted their respective attending directors, Serge Bozon (La France) and David Rocksavage (Shadows in the Sun) with receptions to honor their film premieres at this year's WorldFest.

Also, C-47 Houston was there at the Closing night Gala and awards banquet (click here)

See the Grand Remi Winners list and read more about the Closing night by (clicking here)