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Two lost souls meet in the middle of nowhere in the beautiful Southwest countryside, both running away. One running from a broken relationship the other running away from her life. They meet and find they have more in common. A love for each other and Photography.  But, all good things come to an end when one of them walks out. What happened to this couple in this romantic comedy motion picture by Director Brett Williams titled "Mixed Emulsions"?

Cleverly written by Brett Williams "Mixed Emulsions"  is set in the early 1970's and tells the story of Mark Eastman (played by Kurtis Von Krueger) who is having trouble adjusting to his failed relationship with Naomi (played by Haley Hussey).  Working with NASA as an engineer and facing budget cuts and layoffs, he has always wanted to pursue his passion in filmmaking but has never had the time or the support.  

Now looking for work, his best friend Cliff offers him a job in Los Angeles as an engineer working for Boeing Airlines. Mark reluctantly but eventually accepts the job. But, instead of flying Mark decides he needs to clear his head, work things out, take a vacation and drive some two thousand miles on a road trip to California. He wants to document his road trip. 

When he makes it to the American Southwest Mark pulls out his Bauer (C1M) 8mm movie camera and begins shooting the landscape. While he is panning left and down Route 66 Marks spots a bicyclist going in the opposite direction. The young woman (Nora Vaughn) waves as she passes by.

Eventually, Marks meets Nora (played by  Lynnette Hunt) and finds out that she is a photographer with problems of her own. They strike up a friendship. As Nora guides Mark though some open country she takes her pictures while he is not only shooting his movie, but capturing this young woman for his documentary. Two people running away from something, they both find comfort with each other and slowly they start to get closer to each other.   But, their problems eventually catch up to them and they find themselves facing their real lives and who they are. 

On their last day together Nora leaves Mark, not leaving a note. Mark packs his bags and heads to his job interview in California. Not being able to forget Nora and over time, he finds out where she lives and delivers his completed documentary on her doorstep but finds out the truth. This is a Romanic comedy that you don't want to miss. The ending is surprising and saddening at the same time. 

Directed by Brett Williams, "Mixed Emulsions" is Mr. Williams directorial feature debut motion picture. He has directed a couple of local 48 Hour Film Project movies but, "Mixed Emulsions" is his first feature as well as the first feature for the production company MotionArts and for Actress Lynette Hunt. 

The project was funded in part by their crowdfunding campaign through KickStarter which raised over 150% of their stated goal and the team premiered the movie to a full house on August 27th, 2014 at the Alamo Drafthouse-Mason Park in Katy, Texas (just west of Houston).

Technically, the movie is well-made. Sure there were some strange story discrepancies that made the audience scratch their heads in following the suspension of belief storyline. There were a couple of scenes where you had to just take it and believe the likelihood of chance meetings when two people are headed in opposite directions. However and overall, the movie moved seamlessly. The audio was leveled throughout the movie, The lighting was excellent. The composition of frame was outstanding, camera angles and movement was thoughtful and consistent, the special effects were incredibly creative and the overall "look" of the movie was excellent. 

The director was able to get some very moving and emotional acting from both Mr. Krueger and Ms. Hunt (the two main characters) as they portrayed their developed characters  on the screen. The soundtrack of the movie was, as well, exceptional and set the mood and tone of the film throughout the entirety of the movie. 

The cinematography was amazing for a low-budget independent feature motion picture from Houston, Texas. This movie had a "feel" of a well deserved accomplishment attached to it and rightly so. The story was funny, sad, angry and happy and although it will bring a tear to your eye, it will nevertheless make you smile at the end.  A good Romanic story by Brett Williams.

Story wise and written by Mr. Williams, "Mixed Emulsions" is a good-crafted love story and semi-romantic comedy slash drama. The interchanges between the two characters is believable, as is the relationship they create with each other. With n the span of a few days the two characters  meet, find each other, begin a friendship that ultimately  leads to intimacy and then begins to fall apart as the days become minutes and then seconds. 

What makes this particular story intriguing is that the subplot is a twist which leads to a happy disappointment when one recalls and reflects on loving memories of a relationship that can not flourish.  Mr. Williams was able to create a feeling in the heart of the audience and one that surprisingly reflects on the human condition with regard to love lost and the things we will do.  

 Overall, this was a very entertaining and easy movie to watch. The entire cast did a great job in their performances in front of the camera. 

C47Houston rates "Mixed Emulsions" with a  strong 4. 7 on the TSIRS scale. You don't want to miss this movie if you have a chance to see it. 

C47Houston News & Entertainment Magazine and C47Houston WEEKLY was invited to the premiere and we took some pictures. You can see them at: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10204790350658108.1073741892.1218281768&type=1&l=497676a21a 

You can see the official Trailer (2014) on their Vimeo Channel at:  www.Vimeo.com/97279777 

Title: Mixed Emulsions

Running time: 1 hour 33 minutes

Premiere: August 27th, 2014 at the Alamo Drafthouse-Mason Road, Katy, Texas

Production Company: MA: MotionArts

Written by: Brett  Williams

Director: Brett  Williams

Cinematographer: Brett Williams

Produced by: Jessica Perry, Daniel Aliaga and Kurtis Von Krueger

Associate Producers: Jonas Hunt and Raymond Hunt

Music by: Alex Winkler and Brett Bousley

Production Assistants: Alex Ramos and George Williams

Casting by: Daniel Aliaga

Casting: Kurtis Von Krueger, Lynnette Hunt, James Monaghan, Haley Hussey, Lendsey Kersey, David Hymel, Kregg Dailey, Tom Stell, David Kufner, Eric Schnider, Emily Cunningham, Jessica Perry, Scott and James Maccammon and Vanessa Gonzales

Websites: www.MixedEmulsionsMovie.com



Brett Williams F**ebook at: www.facebook.com/bdubya 




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