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"Matt Mercury: Plot of the Galactic Mastermind"



An evil and mutated Professor Brainwave wants to control the universe; with the help of the Galactic Mastermind they have their minds on Earth. Captain Matt Mercury and his Rocket Rangers are on a quest to stop the evil geniuses in this science fiction comedy feature motion picture by Director Bill Hughes called “Matt Mercury: Plot of the Galactic Mastermind”.

Written by Bill Hughes and Heidi Hughes, the story follows the adventures of Captain Matt Mercury  and his band of Rocket Rangers.  When Captain Mercury's ship, the Electra, picks up a faint distress single from the planet Helios Prime, a planet inhabited by a race of molten men, the team investigates.

Landing on planet Hilios, Captain Mercury (played by Matt Lavine) and First Officer Sparx McCoy (played by Lauren Galley) find that all the inhabitants have been exterminated, except one: Engineer Lord Vulkro (played by James King) who has developed a huge  machine capable of stealing whole worlds called the Galaxo "intruder" Crunchadump. This planet stealing machine was commissioned by Professor Brainwave (played by Bill Hughes),  a mad scientist mutated by the creatures of the Alpha Zone, incorporeal brains who are all under the control of the Galactic Mastermind, a huge brain, who feeds on the intellect of those who he controls . When Professor Brainwave double crosses Lord Vulkro and takes the Galaxo Crunchadump,  the Rocket Rangers find that the machine was to be used to steal…Earth. Now, Captain Matt Mercury and his Rocket Rangers must find a way to stop the Galactic Mastermind and Professor Brainwave from stealing the planet and keep Earth from becoming a slave planet that serves the evil Galactic Mastermind. The adventure begins...

The Story: 

Written by Bill and Heidi Hughes, "Matt Mercury: Plot of the Galactic Mastermind" is a good and fun story with a typical plot - evil genius tries to take over the world and a hero tries to stop him. The team develops the problems Matt Mercury has in his personal life as he struggles to wart off the evil Professor Brainwave but, at the same time, the main character  re-evaluates his past and why he needs to step up to the plate, as it were, to save the planet.  The development of the Matt character is filled with flashbacks and lessons from his past that make Matt Mercury the bold and over-bearing captain, yet somewhat insecure anti-hero, that he has come to be. Relating to any of the characters was easy to do. What was even funnier was the comic relief through the robot mechanic named "Jinky".   The story flowed very well from the beginning to the middle and to the very end. The story was filled with comedy, inside jokes and campy type humour, reminiscent of the old 1950 to 1960 science fiction movies. Rack that up to naivety. Was there holes in the story or beyond the suspension of belief? Sure, there may have been a few holes in the plot and sure there was a stretch in some of the things that were happening but the Hughes team did a great job in writing this  sci-fi action adventure comedy story. "Matt Mercury" was easy to follow and entertaining. It was just plain fun to watch. This was a family movie and for the whole family to enjoy. It's the kind of stuff that stirs up the imagination of younger viewers. 

The technical side (production value): 

Directed by Bill Hughes, the first thing you are going to notice is that a good portion of the movie is shot in front of a green screen and a good amount of the movie is computer generated. We have been following the updates by Mr. Hughes as he produced the movie and he and his team built all of the models, equipment and props that are seen and used in the movie, this includes the ships used. The background was nicely creative. He and his team did a great job in designing this movie.  This is a science fiction genre specific motion picture and consistent with movies of yesteryear; the colors were bright and wardrobe as campy as can be emulated but nicely done. One problem that we encountered in the first few minutes of the movie was the narrative dialogue. The sound level was a bit over-bearing and too loud. In our opinion, it didn't quite fit the movie genre.  However, saying that, it did not greatly effect the total entertainment value of the movie. We are just saying that the level was a bit louder than the dialogue delivered by the acting team. Speaking of acting teams, this was an ensemble of actors that worked very well together. All the performances in this movie were decent, some more than others, but still good. Line delivery was flowing and, in our opinion, could have been a bit tighter as the characters interacted with each other (there were some awkward pauses of silence when characters interacted). The MUA did a fantastic job on each of the characters in this movie, giving the movie that finished look (nothing worse than a science fiction movie with bad makeup). The wardrobe department did an amazing job in making sure that the costumes were consistent and parallel with the intent of the movie. The composer of the music that accompanied the movie did a great job in setting the adventurous tone of the movie. It was fast paced but not over-bearing. The opening title song was outstanding and gave this movie the right push. The opening title sequence was, as well, outstanding and creative. Put together, this opening sequence was energetic and fun.

Although, green screening was used extensively in this movie,  the team still had to make sure that the actors, the camera angles and lighting were effective to create an illusion that worked with the computer generated backdrops that were created by the team. The Cinematographer and the Director did a fantastic job in setting up the characters and blocking their cameras and the actors. With the exception of a couple of scenes (you can't miss them), the team did a great job in setting up their shots and interacting with the greens screen.

Camera work was excellent. Lenses were focused. Lighting was crisp and dimensional. Editing needed to be a little tighter. Transitions were seamless and smooth. Set design was outstanding and in general, we were impressed with the over all creativity of this movie.

Our honest assessment of the movie:

Aside from the small audio quirk in the volume of the narrator and a slight dialogue pauses when the actors interacted with each other, we enjoyed this sci-fi adventure. It is a good story and the characters were able to transfix the viewer into watching to see what would be the outcome of the hero's quest to save the planet from the evil genius.  "Matt Mercury" was humorous, campy and adventurous. The soundtrack was complimentary and moved the movie very nicely from beginning to the end. What we particularly enjoyed about the movie was the creative designs by the production team with space suits, weaponry, space ships and the various apparati used in the movie. As well, the costumes used in the movie fit the adventurous tone of this science fiction movie. We enjoyed watching "Matt Mercury".  It was fun, adventurous and most of all entertaining for all ages. A good popped corn movie.   This is Mr. Hughes debut feature motion picture and we think Mr. Hughes did an outstanding job in making this feature movie. I am ready for the sequel!

C47Houston News & Entertainment Magazine viewed this movie and using our TSIRS rating system rated "Matt Mercury as a high 4.8 out of 5 stars on the TSIRS. 

According to Director and Writer Bill Hughes, This movie will have its premiere screening at this year's Space City Comic Con at the NG Center, July 24th  through July 26th. Look for the schedule. 

Title: Matt Mercury: Plot of the Galactic Mastermind

Production Company: WonderVista Studios and Lavine Pictures

Executive Producer Matt Lavine

Produced by Thomasid Rolls, Heidi Hughes, Robin Galley

Directed by Bill Hughes

Genre: Science Fiction Comedy

Original Screenplay by Bill & Heidi Hughes

Computer Animation by Sean Christian Bellinger

Digital Scenic Artist: Rodney S. Allen

Models & Art Direction by Bill Hughes

Additional Models by Tim Jester and Nathan Hamill

Additional Props by: Chris Nelson and Steve Neill

Visual Production and Design: Bill Hughes

Audio Engineering by Bob Vance

Audio: Ned Galye and Ian Thomas

Director of Cinematography: Thomasid Rolls

Lead Camera Operator: Brandon Chessher

2nd unit Camera Operator: James King

Assistant Camera Operator: Shannon Reed

2nd Assistant Camera Operator: William Slyaton

Camera Crew: Melelani Petersen, Ryan Nguyen

Lighting: Tyrone (Tye) Johnson

MakeUp by Heather Nixon

Opening theme song: “Ballad of Matt Mercury” by Ron Flynt

Closing theme Song “Rocket Rangers” by Sub Zero

Starring Matt Lavine as Captain Matt Mercury, Chantal Nicole as Mulkess Dunner, Lauren Galley as Sparx McCoy, Roc Living as Jett Lightning, Rick Corrigan as Dr., Syfer, Brandon Pentecost as Mike Metro, Also featuring Eric Bounds as Science Officer Dr. Nemo (the talking Gorilla) and James King as Lord Vulkro, Bill Hughes as Professor Brainwave, Danielle Hibberd as Commander Grace Vector, Doug Drexler as Captain Drex McCloud, Eric Lobo as Holgraphic Mr. Lobo, Gary Hughes as Steve Bennell, Curt Clendenin as Max Neptune, Joe Grisaffi as Royce Rogers, Samantha and Danielle Lavine as The Mod Girls, Paul Naquin, “KK” Cowen, Kika Pearson and Darrian Green as the Grand BeebotAnd, Adrian Mauro, Tim Jester, Jace Jester, Miko Jester, Elizabeth Andreno, Katherine Andreno, Mark Dowman, Megan Parker, Nicole Parker,

And, Heidi Hughes as the voices of Jinky, The Controller and the Quadranus Flower Children

Trailers and Clips:  http://www.mattmercury.com/videos.html 





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