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A serial killer is on the loose and is leaving behind his murderous deeds on video (played on a loop) for detectives to find. With each video, the killings become more and more violent and disturbing. Two detectives are assigned to the case and a documentary filmmaker is tagging along to capture some of the "detective work" in this feature suspense/thriller by Houston Director Jason Shutt titled "Loop". 

Written by Jason Shutt and Richard McGee, "Loop" is shot documentary style and follows two Detectives Bill Moore (played by Bill Ross ) and Samantha Scott (played by Samantha Lynn) of the Houston Police Department's Homicide Division. Along for the ride is an ex-homicide detective, a 9-year veteran, turned filmmaker (VO by Jason Shutt) who has been documenting the detective work of Moore and Scott for the past 6 months. 

As the two detectives investigates a double homicide one in a neighborhood garage and the other across the street at a pawn shop,  they find that there may be a serial killer at play.  As they enter the shop they find a video tape being played on a continuous loop on the television sets in the Pawn shop. The video (shot from the perspective of the killer) shows the gruesome attack of the shop employee with a baseball bat.  With that video and the surveillance video from the pawn shop camera the detectives have a clear picture of what went down  and the brutality of the killer. 

Wearing a hazmat suite and a helmet cam the detectives say this serial killer is smart and good at covering his tracks. With no witnesses and no clues, the detectives are getting to the point of frustration and showing signs of stress.  The department is on their butts to close this case but the murders continues and the detectives are helpless to stop the killings.  

Murder after murder, twists and turns and a case study into finding a serial killer this is Mr. Shutt's directorial feature motion picture and we think he did an amazing job on this movie. 

Technically, again, this movie is shot documentary style, utilizing POV footage, surveillance and security video and documentary footage.  What is interesting is that the sound level is consistent throughout the movie when it has to be and consistent with real NEWS and behind the scene police footage. There is little attempt to make this lo-no budget feature into a blockbuster looking Hollywood movie. But, Mr. Shutt is able to pull it off with some crafty camera work, excellent editing between the documentary shots, surveillance video and the killer's POV helmet cam shots. 

Acting was natural and bordered on "really bad that it was good". You had a sense that the actors were, in fact, law enforcement personnel, living their lives in front of a documentary camera. We couldn't tell whether they were real or not.  WE were quite impressed at the naturalness of the dialogue. The dialogue didn't  seem scripted and came across  as if you were actually listening to true life detectives talking about their particular problems and solutions at a crime scene.

What we enjoyed about this movie is the "realistic" documentary style of the filmmaker. Although, sound and lighting seem to be below par, (although it wasn't)  it was consistent with the type of look and sound from any NEWS outlet covering such types of incidents. The director and editor pieced together the use of split screens in showing the crime scene, reminiscent of the 1968 Richard Fleischer film "The Boston Strangler".  

 WE talked with Mr. Shutt and found that they indeed had some inside knowledge about crime scene investigations and homicide procedures that enhanced the realistic feel of the movie. 

In all, we thought this was an easy movie to watch. It was a little predictable but at the same time it was interesting in that the director tried with success, we think, in giving an audience something to see in a unique way.  

You have to give credit to the imagination of the director in putting together this type of movie. One could say that Mr. Shutt created four movies within a single thread namely the documentary that was being made, the POV of the Killer video, the Surveillance and security video and of course the movie as a whole. Quite an accomplishment for a first time feature director. If you get a chance to see this movie, I don't think you will be disappointed.  

C47Houston News & Entertainment Magazine rated this feature a strong 4.6 out of 5 stars on the TSIRS scale.

Title: Loop

Winner of C47Houston News & Entertainment Magazine's "Best Made in Houston" Film for 2011

Running time 90-minutes

Production Company: Masquerade Studios

Houston Premiere: Thursday September 13th, 2012 at the Star Cinema Grill, Webster, Texas as part of the 2012 Gulf Coast Film & Video Festival

Written by: Jason Shutt and Richard McGee

Directed by: Jason Shutt

Produced by: Richard McGee

Music/Score by: Jeff Walton

Edited by: Jason Shutt

Special Effects by: Aaron Witkowski and Toxic Elephant

Cast: Bill Ross, Samantha Lynne, Jason Shutt, Luis Montes De Oca, Antoinette Anders, Gary Sissel, Dave Sissel, Louis Vela, Jason Bundage, Curt Rusnak, Joel Kitchens, Sam Sakowitz, R.P. Gay, Doug Feiske, Renee Edd, Simon Landin, Bob Creecraft, Juan Estrada, Terrance Gouard, Chrissy Hajovsky, Veronica Gomez, Jay Walker, Vincent Flores, Mia Ruiz, Julie Fontenot, Richard McGee, Tyler Richards, Jon French, Curtis McGee, Buddy Nixon, Anh Jorgensen, Jen Jorgensen, Jesse Ferraro and Dan Drinkwater. 

Website: www.MasqueradeStudios.com 

Facebook:  www.facebook.com/loopmovie/ 

IMDB: www.IMDB.com/title/tt2082335/combined 

Trailer/YouTube:  http://youtu.be/QBVIgRhutx8 

See the movie:   https://itunes.apple.com/us/movie/loop/id556751223 




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