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"Killing Mr. Right"



When the tables are turned, a woman takes unspeakable revenge on her rapist and kidnapper. But, who is really having the last laugh and who is the more vicious killer? When the bodies start to drop and questions are raised,  the young woman does her best to get through the night in this psychological and dark feature movie by Houston Director Kerry Beyer titled "Killing Mr. Right" 

Written by Mr. Beyer, "Killing Mr. Right" is the second feature venture to come out of Kerosene Films. Two other feature projects are in post, one of them to be released petty soon.  Kerry's first feature venture came with the hit cult  thriller and suspense movie "Spirit Camp".

"Killing Mr. Right" follows Jessica (played by Elizabeth Jackson) whose roommate, Faith (played by Brittney Karbowski) brings home her new fiancé, Mark (played by Kerry Beyer), 

Four years earlier, Jessica was abducted, raped and tortured by a man wearing a mask. Left for dead, surviving and escaping her rapist and kidnapper the police have made no arrests and are no closer to finding this serial killer. 

Remembering only his voice, Jessica is convinced that Faith's new fiancé is her abductor and torturer but faith is not convinced and attributes Jessica's suspicions to paranoia, psychotic episodes and not taking her meds (suffering from post traumatic stress syndrome).

When Faith drinks too much and passes out and instead of calling the authorities,  Jessica takes things into her own hands and knocks Mark out, ties him up and instills her own form of justice, all the while trying to determine if she has the right man.  At times, Jessica questions her own reality and judgment, however, finds out the truth, when a struggle with a gun accidentally kills Faith (a play with words there). Now Mark and Jessica play a cat and mouse game of survival. Who is going to win and will justice prevail? 

The story itself was well written and designed, gripping and entertaining. There were several story faults in the screenplay and, at times, we were scratching our heads as to how one event lead to another.  Guessing that the audience would respond to gratuitous bloodshed, the movie contained the obligatory sawing of a corpse in the bathtub scene. But, how did the corpse get there? This was something that could have been left out and could have made the movie a little more intense had this scene not been included. It bordered on too funny.  Our feeling with regard to the writers intension with this thriller, suspense and psychological feature was to present a mix of drama suspense with comedic suspense. Although, comic relief is a tension release before the build up of released fear, there were times where the story was a little beyond  suspension of belief and that tension build up was leveled by  comedy instead of fear. This is not to say that this dominated the movie, by far.  The story worked, but the build up of suspense could have been even better.  We enjoyed the story and it took us pretty far as it did the audience. 

The performances and interaction between actress Elisabeth Jackson (Jessica)  and Kerry Beyer (Mark) in "Killing Mr. Right" was absolutely amazing. The dialogue between both characters presented a natural animosity between prey and victim. The only thing we had to figure out was who was the victim and who was the prey.  Kerry Beyer's part as Mark characterized a calculating and intelligent serial killer who looked on his profession from the outside looking in.  His cavalier and aloof portrayal of what his role is in this world as a killer was met with cynicism and  sarcasm. His facial expressions in this movie were priceless.  As well, Elizabeth Jackson's characterization of Jessica was equally calculating and intelligent. Her convictions and brutality in the face of her attacker and the thought that justice is too blind to effectuate a proper punishment, leads her to explore her own depravity. Ms. Jackson  was convincing and down right scary. And, both characters managed to take this movie to the end without letting up.  They played their respective part with mastery.  

Technically, the movie was well-made. Sound was consistent throughout the entire movie-rich and dynamic. The Sound design and foley work was good.   Lighting was exceptional and consistent with a suspense and dark movie. Music was interesting. It reminded us of the theme from "Psycho".  Camera work was clear and creative. I don't believe that I saw a stagnant or blurry shot. Cuts were seamless and transitions were unnoticeable as we would expect.  Frame composition was exceptional.  Mr. Beyer is a trained photographer and his work behind the camera as cinematographer in "Killing Mr. Right" was in par.  There was head room, nose room and thirds utilization. Nice work on the part of Mr. Beyer.  Of the many good things to say about this movie, there were some continuity issues and very noticeable ones, at that.  As well, the use of shots from a single reel and cutting them for use in different times...well, it just didn't work and didn't make sense. Special FX's were good but at the same time they seems a little sloppy, if that makes sense. We, generally want to believe that special FX are seamless and things we can recognize and we were noticing some weakness in some of the use. 

On a personal note: C47Houston News & Entertainment Magazine and C47Houston WEEKLY  is following the career of Director Kerry Beyer and Kerosene Films. Mr. Beyer's directorial feature movie "Spirit Camp" was exceptional and "Killing Mr. Right" is on the same level if not better.  As a whole, despite some of the imperfections one can find in this movie, "Killing Mr. Right" was a very good movie. It was easy to watch, it was easy to follow,  it was entertaining, it contained sarcasm and humor and it was a fun movie. A must see Movie. Not bad for a budget of less then 25 hundred dollars and a skeleton crew. In fact, we venture to say that compare to a lot of movies we have seen with a budget, Mr. Beyer, did a fantastic job with "Killing Mr. Right".  Check it out for yourself. It has an interesting story to tell and it is told in a very creative way. 

Director Kerry Beyer was our featured and cover Director in our February 2008 issue of C47Houston News & Entertainment Magazine. AND, Director Kerry Beyer is on the cover of our C47Houston WEEKLY no. 17.  You can order both at: www.C47Houston.com 

C47Houston News & Entertainment Magazine rated this movie on the TSIRS scale. We gave it a strong 4.7 stars out of 5 on the TSIRS. 


Title: Killing Mr. Right

This is a "Made in Texas" film.

Production Company: Kerosene Films

Running time: Approximately 95-minutes

Genre: Thriller Suspense

Written by: Kerry Beyer

Directed by: Kerry Beyer

Premiere: Houston, Texas, Thursday, October 2, 2014 at the Alamo Drafthouse-Mason Park as part of Splatterfest-Houston, 2014.

Photographed, Edited and Scored by: Kerry Beyer

Produced by: Kerry Beyer, Keller Byrns, Chad Thackston and John Lansch

Camera Operators: John Lansch, Kerry Beyer, Kelly Byrns and Chad Thackston

Waredrobe and Props: Kerry Beyer

Set Decorations: Courtney Sanidfer and Michelle Howe

Special FX makeup: Chris White and Kerry Beyer

Makeup for Marcus Sabom: Patricia Sanchez

Legal Services by: Brian Landa

Visual FX by: Kerry Beyer

Original Score by: Kerry Beyer

"Knowledge of the Unnatural" by Lord Von Black

Casting: Elizabeth "Liz" Jackson, Kerry Beyer, Brittney Karbowski, Amy Morris, Chad Thackston, Marcus Sabom, John Lansch, Deke Anderson, Taylor Weaver, Kelly Byrns, Belinda Pippin, Michelle Ellen Jones, Lila Wilde, Dave Maldonado and Frieda Beyer. With Andrew Runk and Matthew Bantleman.

Website: www.KeroseneFilms.com 

Facebook: www.facebook.com/KillingMrRight 

IMDB Page: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt3043264




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