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How do you cope after you lose everything you love? Some people seek counseling; some people move on with their lives and others take comfort with a needle and spoon.

Currently based in Houston Texas and Produced by La Mancha Films, upcoming Director John Hawthorne Smith’s new feature dramatic/thriller motion picture “Indigo” takes the viewer on a beautiful trip against a backdrop of a parental nightmare, the kidnapping of a child.

The movie tells the story of recovering heroine addict and photographer Eli Casey, played by Skyler Pinkerton and his wife and model Cathy Casey played by Dana Pelevine. While at the park, his young son (Chase LaMora) disappears from sight. Unable to cope with the abduction and apparent loss of his son, his marriage fails, his photography business fails and he seeks to forget his troubles with drugs. Down on his luck his agent, Sean (Taso Mikroulis) gets Eli a gig taking pictures at a wedding and reception. After the reception he takes a picture of a couple, Annie (Madeleine James) and Gary (Nicholas Brendon), who were at the wedding and who will now do anything to get that picture back. Why? Eli finds out that the flower girl (Chleo Pogatsia) at the wedding has also disappeared. The clues are in his picture. He digs deeper into the “who and why” and stumbles onto the path of a group of ruthless psychotic child abductors. After repeated pleas to the police and his so-called friends Eli falls deeper into depression and finds relief with his drug addiction. A cat and mouse game, there is nowhere else to turn.

Beautifully shot in New York City by Cinematographer Aidan Schultz-Meyer, this is Mr. Smith’s directorial debut feature motion picture. His attention to the production value is evident with the use of camera movements, composition, editing, sound, lighting, sound track, graphics and story. The production team and visual effects designer Oscar Redman solve the problem of cell phone texts and messages by incorporating images of texts and messages onto the screen, a unique application of suspension of belief that is visually stunning, not intrusive nor distracting. An ingenious use of technology employed by the production company that will surprise and entertain the audience. Each scene is eloquently composed on a visual canvass thanks to Mr. Schultz-Meyer whose use of camera can only be described as moving. This is a visual piece of art.

This is also a dark movie in its theme, and, Mr. Smith guides the viewer down a path of resistance that turns the pages of the script a little slower than before, a visual attribute to the addictive nature of heroine and the nature of hopelessness. Casting by Christine McKenna, performances also include the likes of Texas born Lance R. Marshall who plays Ryan, a drug dealer.  Mr. Marshall’s performance as Ryan is exceptional as is the performances by Namomi McDougall Jones, Janis Mann and a special appearance from Director John Hawthorne Smith.

Written by John Hawthorne Smith, “Indigo” is an outstanding example of what can be done when there is a will to tell a story, a creative team, synchronized performances from a dedicated acting ensemble and a minimal independent budget.

“Indigo” is Director Smith’s Directorial feature motion picture. An excellently produced and well-made feature movie that will keep you in your seat to experience the unfolding of events that lead you from one scene to another.

Learn more about “Indigo” on IMDB at: www.imdb.com/title/tt2179097/ and visit their website at: www.LaManchaFilms.com and “Like” them on F**ebook at: www.facebook.com/indigothemovie

Title: Indigo

Director: John Hawthorne Smith

Production company: La Mancha Films

Executive Producers:   Nelson Fernandez, Courtney McManus, Lisa Smith and John Hawthorne Smith

Producers: Caitlin Gold, George Pogatsia,

Line Producer: Catriona Rubenis-Stevens

Co-Producer: Collen Doyle

Cinematographer Aidan Schultz-Meyer

Music by: Mitchell Westmoreland

Casting by: Christine McKenna




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