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"Her Cry: La Llorona Investigation"



You have heard about the scary stories they tell you as a child to keep you from getting out of bed, now a group of paranormal investigators want to know if there is any truth to one of the tales, in this feature motion picture by Director Damir Catic called “Her Cry: La Llorona Investigation”.

Written by: Damir Catic and Ron Gelner “Her Cry” tells the story of a missing college student, Tina Harrison (played by Nichole Ceballos), who disappeared after performing a sorority initiation. As part of the initiation, Tina is to utter the words “Maria, I want to help you find your children” three times (a Bloody Mary legend) and attempt to spend the night at an alleged haunted house where the legend of La Llorona (The Weeping Woman) was last seen. While cameras through out the property are documenting the sorority initiation, Tina utters the words and sees a mysterious figure and runs toward the house in fear. Tina never exits the house and the camera catches her demise.

Fearing foul play, Tina’s father hires the crew from the popular Television show “Paranormal Legends” to revisit the home and to find out what happened to his daughter.

The crew, Producer James Robertson (played by James Ezrin), Cinematographer Brian (played by Everardo Guzman) and Production Assistant Andrea (played by Gabrielle Santomauro) document the happening in the house with one of the most terrifying legends of all time. The documentary was never aired and the three-crew members were never found.  All that remain are the tapes.

Shot in Houston and in Pearland, Texas this is Director Damir Catic’s Directorial Feature motion picture. Technically, this movie is what you would expect a “lost footage” movie would look like and to look like amateur paranormal investigators taking footage of their experiences. Lighting was good in that even though this was “seemingly” amateurish, nothing was over-exposed or washed out. Foley was excellently done to give the movie some substance, something that a lot of independent movies tend to lack. Sound wise, the team did a great job in providing an even toned sound throughout the entirety of the movie. The special effects, where doors opened and furniture moved, was well-done.

Make-up applied to the various characters was effective in looking scary. One draw back we had with this movie was the dialogue. Although, it was “seemingly” an amateurish footage movie, the dialogue didn’t really add too much to the believability of the characters to interact with each other in a normal sense. There were times where the characters seemed to be adlibbing their lines and not necessarily keeping the audience focused on the main theme of the movie, La Llorona. It seemed that some of the characters were pushing their lines and forcing their inflections. Notably, a pretty good performance came out of actress Nichole Ceballos who played Tina, the college student who disappeared in the beginning of the movie. Also, outdoing herself was actress Gabrielle Santomauro, who played Andrea. The anger that she exhibited in one of the scenes was an outstanding and realistic portrayal of someone in desperation.

Written by Mr. Catic and Ron Gelner, the story itself was a little confusing at times. We were not sure if we were looking at a ghost story or a possession story. But, there was an evil in the house and that followed the characters throughout movie. There was a lot of jilting and quick bursts of sound to intensify the audience fears, as well as seeing things in the corner of your eye for a brief moment. Camera movement was extensive as is normal with these types of movies, mostly handheld cams or stationary mounted security cameras for effect.

In all, this was an interesting and somewhat scary movie. Not everyone will be terrified, as some of us have been desensitized over the years, but it will still give you goose bumps.  Judge for yourself. Pick up the movie and watch it. And, help support the independent moviemaker by funding their efforts to make a movie. Become an Executive Producer or just get involved.

The TSIRS rating: C47Houston give this movie a strong 4.2 on the TSIRS scale.

C47Houston was at the premiere of “Her Cry: La Llorona Investigation” you can see those pictures at: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10202351264082468.1073741850.1218281768&type=1&l=671bebec14

Also, Director Damir Catic gave us some insight into what he learned about making his movie, in our magazine. You can read what he had to say and read other articles in the magazine at: http://tinyurl.com/C47HoustonNovDec2013

Title: Her Cry: La Llorona Investigation

Production Company: Dark Lightning Films, Gelner/Catic Productions

Director: Damir Catic

Houston Premiere: October 22, 2013 at the Edwards Houston MarqE Stadium 23 & IMAX

Running time: 1-hour, 30-minutes

Produced by Damir Catic, Ron Gelner and Hai Nguyen

Executive Producer: Ron Gelner

Music by: Art Blackmore

Original Music by: Luis Carlos

Script Supervisor: Andy Diaz

Cinematographer: Damir Catic

Set Designer: Enid Solo, Dejan Jojic

Stunt coordinator: Luis Miranda

Special Effects by: Art Blackmore

Foley Editors: Phally Doeur, Alan Catic

Foley Artist: Rodrigo Rosas

Casting: Nichole Ceballos, James Ezrin, Everardo Guzman, Parker Riggs, Gabrielle Santamauro, Cameron Brezik, Elizabeth Alcantar, Laurentina Hite, Ron Gelner and Mark Nickelson

Websites: http://darklightningfilms.com






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