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The 2012 Apocalypse is coming and your mobile home has become the center of demonic activity. In the southern backwoods, who do you go to for an exorcism? Well, you seek a TV evangelist, of course.

Director and Writer Chuck Norfolk premiered his directorial feature motion picture, “The Haunted Trailer” ( “Haunted Trailer” ) to a nearly full theater Wednesday night, December 5th, 2012 at the Landmark River Oaks Theater in Houston, Texas and C47Houston News & Entertainment Magazine was there.

“Haunted Trailer” tells the story of a family of “redneck” southern “trailer-trash” run by beer drinking man-starved Momma (played by Joe Grisaffi) who controls his/her three dysfunctional teen children, Elvis (played by Jacob Byrd), Aaron (played by Jeremy James Douglas Norton) and Prissy (played by Lauren Leal). When a truckload of partying teens accidentally awakens an ancient demon (played by Ron Jeremy) whose plan is to initiate the 2012 Mayan apocalypse, the demon inhabits the trailer and possesses the sexed-craved and beautiful sister Prissy. After numerous failed attempts to rid themselves of this demon they seek the perverted Reverend Wiggems (played by Steve Joseph) who has eyes for Prissy. Will he be able to save the world? Or will the world fall to demons? Will the “rednecks” drink too much beer? Will Prissy surcome to the whims of Reverend Wiggems? Will Momma find a man?

Amidst a red carpet fanfare and media groups, the event proved to be a success for Mr. Norfolk and the Lucky Chucky Productions company. Produced by Chuck Norfolk, Courtney Sandifer and Ron Greene and written by Mr. Norfolk, Steve and Tim Norfolk, “Haunted Trailer” was a niche feature motion picture and not to the liking of everyone’s tastes. There was a lot of criticism attributed to the gutter nature of the movie. Toilet humor and blatant sexual innuendo permeated the entirety of “Haunted Trailer”. This was not a movie for children and definitely not a movie for sensitive and intellectual viewers or those that consider this type of movie a waste of time. Saying that…it was not OUR type of movie. Taking into account that there is a place for this type of movie, in society, and taking a more subjective point of view of this type of humor, I am sure this would be a movie that will attract a good portion of the market. It is after all, a movie filled with pretty girls, sexual undertones, gutter/toilet humor and senseless adolescent behavior. “Haunted Trailer” is perfect for a fun and thoughtless time. Perhaps this movie may not be a huge success on the big screen but we are sure it will be more of a profitable venture in other areas like the on-demand, streaming or DVD consumer. It is a fun movie to watch, absent sound and if you want to take the “mute” off, it is a fun movie, just not for everyone.

A lot of hoopla was made over the fact that porn star and actor Ron Jeremy would star in this movie. His performance was less than adequate in “Haunted Trailer”. We have seen some of Mr. Jeremy’s work in mainstream feature movies and his work on this movie was marginal at best – a far cry from what we would expect from Mr. Jeremy. As we were sitting and watching the movie and about 15 minutes into the movie people started to walk out of the theater. Some in disgust, others just tired of the same or similar jokes thrown on the big screen over and over again. Senseless toilet humor and gratuitous sexual reference is only good for a brief period of time and used to shock the audience But, again, this was a movie created for a niche audience.

Technically, the movie is one of Mr. Norfolk’s better made movies and one that put Mr. Norfolk into the category of a highly sought after commodity as a director and moviemaker. Blocking, framing and composition of each of the scenes was well thought out, lighting was consistent, sound toned evenly across the entirety of the movie, and although, performances were over-the-top for the actors, each of them gave a very brilliant performance in their given roles thanks to the eye of the Director. Of special note was the part of Momma played by Joe Grisaffi.  His performance was outstanding and remarkable. We have seen Mr. Grisaffi in many other movies and his performance in “Haunted Trailer” is definitely something to watch.  He is pretty funny in this movie.

Behind the camera is one of Houston’s better cinematographers Mr. Rod Greene who did an excellent job in framing, camera movement, angels and creating a very visual movie. Editing was done by Mr. Tony Reyes and from what we could tell he did a great job in cutting this movie for flow and pace. There were some special effects that were interjected into the movie. Tom Martino and Danny McCarty did some pretty outstanding CG and special effects work.

Whether you enjoyed “Haunted Trailer” is up to the viewer. This type of movie is not for everyone but if you are looking for a “good ole time” and a movie that will make you drink more beer then you want to pick up “Haunted Trailer” and invite a truck load of bubba’s.

Casting included Joe Grisaffi, Jeremy James Douglas Norton, Jacob Byrd, Lauren Leal, Steve Joseph, Peyton Cottrell II, Kasey James, Jeremiah Kliesing and Roxy Vandiver in the principle roles.

TSIRS rating:  C47Houston rated this as a strong 4.3 out of 5 on our TSIRS

C47Houston took some pictures at the premiere. You can see them at: www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10200104372631586.2200925.1218281768&type=1&l=3af1e54c1f

Title: The Haunted Trailer

Production company: Lucky Chucky Productions

Distribution: The Bosko Group

Running time: 90-minutes

Premiere Houston, Tx: December 5, 2012

Director: Chuck Norfolk

Writers: Chuck Norfolk, Steven Scott Norfolk and Tim Norfolk

Cinematographer: Ron Greene

Editor: Tony Reyes

MakeUp: Tiffany Gallehugh, Emily Morgul

Special Effects: Tom Martino, Danny McCarty

Stunts: Jeremy James, Douglas Norton

Production Designer: Courtney Sandifer

Music Design: Troy Goodrich

Producers: Ron Greene, Chuck Norfolk, Courtney Sandifer

Associate Producers: David Ellis, Mark Frazier, Joe Grisaffi, Kasey James, Ray Khan, Tim Kraemer (Kramer), Amy Rene LaFavers, Corky Loesch, Elda Loesch, Cheryl Martino, Michael Mendoza, Danny Minto, Nick Nicholson, Susan Powell, Timothy Powell, Brian Smith, Jason Snow, Charles Thomas, Sara Thomas.

Casting: Ron Jeremy, Joe Grisaffi, Jeremy James Douglas Norton, Lauren Leal, Jake Byrd, Steve Joseph, Roxy Vandiver, Nick Nicholson, Peyton Cottrell II.

Director, Chuck Norfolk - http://www.imdb.com/name/nm3731375/
"Demon", Ron Jeremy -
"Momma", Joe Grisaffi -
"Aaron", Jeremy James Douglas Norton -
"Rev. Wiggems", Steve Joseph -
"Faye", Roxy Vandiver -

Website: www.TheHauntedTrailer.com

Lucky Chucky Productions: www.facebook.com/pages/Lucky-Chucky-Productions/209010765797903

FB page: www.facebook.com/TheHauntedTrailer

IMDB: www.imdb.com/title/tt2224227/




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