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25 Hill   Dead of Knight

Beer & Seed  Billy Bates

 Border Break  Conjoined   Doll Factory

Enemy of the Mind  Flashes  

Flood Streets Gang Money Run

 Goin' Guerrilla 

Hardball  Haunted Trailer

  Her Cry: La Llorona Investigation

I'm Sorry  Indigo   Jacob  Killing Mr. Right 

Lap Dance  Lars The Emo Kid 

Loop  Matt Mercury   Mixed Emulsions

Mulberry Stains  Murder Book

  Now Hiring   One Foot In The Gutter  

Overdose: Death of a Punk Rocker

 Pussy Riot: The Movement

Race War: The Remake

Rogue Strike  Strings

The Darq: Samhalnophobia The Ferry

The Great American Moon Rock Caper

The Prank The Shadow Behind You 



Director Corbin Bernsen

Both Roy and Trey Find Friendship, build the racer and are winning races on the local level, but there is only one thing standing in their way...The Soapbox Derby in Ohio is falling on hard times and the bank is about to sell it out. A movie about...  (read more)


Director Joe Grisaffi

A WW11 Ammo Crate locked up by chains is sold at an auction. When buyer 86 opens up the crate and hoping to find a treasure trove, he finds that it contains “snow globes” and one particular perfectly round crystal orb. Startled by his wife... (read more)


Director Bill Cox

An Older Navy veteran, divorced and looking to fulfill a void in his life goes back to school (college) and finds things have changed. Life and military experiences and falling grades, he faces expulsion just a few week from... (read more)


Director Jennifer DeLia

An artist derives his art from his life experiences and expresses his life through the people he meets, the anguish he suffers, the torment that envelopes his mind and the loves... (read more


Director Joe Grisaffi

A lonely man meets a woman on a dating website and they fall in love. When wedding bells start to ring, the fiancée decides it's best to meet and to move into his apartment. But there is one caveat, her sister is also moving in.  Attached at the hip, one of the sisters is a bit psychopathic... (read more)


Director Lakisha Lemons

While stopping at a convenient store for gasoline, they inadvertently stumble onto a robbery where a Deputy is shot and killed. In fear that the robber may still be in the store, the group decides... (read more)


Director Stephen Wolfe

A group of Halloween party-goers discover a book of spells and decide go to an abandoned doll factory to conjure up some spirits. But, they inadvertently bring to life hundreds of... (read more)


Director Brandon Stephens

Finding comfort with alcohol, Del Toro finds that someone is killing off the women he meets. He suspects a hooded and dark figure, a shadow, that has been following him and he suspects as his wife's killer, but all fingers are pointing toward Del Toro... (read more)


Director Amir Valinia

A man finds himself flashing from one reality to another and not knowing how, why or for how long.  Consistent throughout each reality is the love for one woman and in only one reality is he truly happy with her. When a mysterious man with a hat appears out of no where, he starts to realize something is...(read more)


Director Joseph Meissner

Shot documentary style and on location in New Orleans, Louisiana, the director gives the audience a glimpse inside some of the homes that have been devastated and down the vacant streets that still remain vacant a year... (read more)


Director R. Scott Leisk

With dreams of playing his music, an IT Professional  stumbles upon a dead body in a restaurant restroom. Shocked and about to call for help, he spots a duffle bag full of cash. Thinking that no one will notice, this want to be musician slips out of the restaurant with the... (read more)


Director James Christopher

Produced by Twitchy Dolphin Flix, out of Austin, "Goin' Guerrilla" tells the story of Jeff (played by Mark McCarver), a ball-less independent screenwriter whose claim to fame comes from writing a series of T and A college comedy-sex  movies... (read more)


Director Jerry Ochoa

Now, Hardball is a target and must find out what is going on. He finds that not only are the two gangs targeting him but the people he works with, the police department, are also involved with the Russian mafia and the Asian Mob... (read more)


Director Chuck Norfolk

When a truckload of partying teens accidentally awakens an ancient demon whose plan is to initiate the 2012 Mayan apocalypse, the demon inhabits the trailer and possesses the sexed-craved and beautiful sister Prissa... (read more)


Director Damir Catic

Fearing foul play, Tina's father hires the crew from the popular Television show "Paranormal Legends" to revisit the home and to find out what happened to his daughter...The documentary was never aired and the three... (read more)


a short by Director Derek Huey

A mysterious satellite sends out a deadly signal through television sets...(read more)


Director John Hawthorne Smith

Beautifully shot in New York City by Cinematographer Aidan Schultz-Meyer, this is Mr. Smith's directorial debut feature motion picture. His attention to the production value is evident with the use of camera movements, composition, editing, sound, lighting, sound track, graphics and ... (read more)


Director Larry Carrell

When a young girl is tragically murdered by her drunken step-father, her lonely and disturbed older brother, Jacob Kell, hearing voices and being possessed retaliates the only way he knows how and anyone who crosses his path will knows how... (read more)


Director Kerry Beyer

When the tables are turned, a woman takes unspeakable revenge on her rapist and kidnapper. But, who is really having the last laugh and who is the more vicious killer? When the bodies start to drop and questions start to... (read more)


Director Greg Carter

A couple following their Hollywood dreams are forced to put things on hold when family comes first. When money becomes an issue, we do what we have to do to make ends meet and to pay the bills. For one woman it means dancing for men... (read more)


Director Joe Grisaffi

A young high school teen finds himself falling into a depression after the death of his best friend as a result of a suicide. Trying to cope with his friends death, his school life seems to take a turn for the worse until he finds friendship with a group of... (read more)


Director Jason Shutt

A serial killer is on the loose and is leaving behind his murderous deeds on video (played on a loop) for detectives to find. With each video, the killings become more and more violent and disturbing. Two detectives are assigned to the case and... (read more)


Director Bill Hughes

An evil and mutated Professor Brainwave wants to control the universe, with the help of the Galactic Mastermind they have their minds on Earth. Captain Matt Mercury and his Rocket Rangers are on a quest to stop... (read more)


Director Brett Williams

Two lost souls find love and a passion in the middle of America's Southwest. Both Running away, one from a failed relationship the other from her life. Finding his filmmaking passion, he documents their time together but... (read more)


Director JT Villalobos

While home, Harper struggles with the scars of her past that seems to be enveloping her daughter but there is more to the story...there are family secrets on both sides of the track and Harper is going to find out the truth... (read more)


Director Juan C. Vazquez

A down on his luck Detective suffering from a tragedy in the line of duty finds himself thrust into a case where a couple of his past girlfriends are being brutally killed. With the Captain and his partner looking for fault, this detective must... (read more


Director Mark Cantu

An out of work man has to decide to hit the pavement and look for a job. Responding to an advertisement from a "secret" company looking to hire someone with skills, this average Joe, fluffs his resume, skills and is now... (read more)


Director Justin Koleszar

The vision he shows us was quite beautiful and at the same time, somewhat disturbing. The clash between those that want a life with no responsibility and those that want more than one party after another is a frustration that... (read more)


Director Dwight "DJ" Yarotsky

A former band member learns that his best friend, a member of a high-profile band, has died of a drug overdose. Not convinced he begins to unfold the truth about what happened and the reasons why his friend might...(read more


Director Natasha Fissiak

When several members of the Russian feminist activist rock/punk group "Pussy Riot" protest against the Russian Government on the alter of the a church and arrested, they find that their sentence is harsher than the crime and...(read more)


Director Tom Martino

When Baking Soda and Tex clash, Tex sends his zombie "henchmen" to kidnap G.E.D. and Baking Soda and to transport them to Uranus; Baking Soda was not there. As Baking Soda and Kreech later learn that G.E.D. has been Kidnapped they... (read more)


Director Kerry Beyer

On a quest to hit the very depths of the ocean, in a specially designed submersible craft, a marine biologist ventures to the unknown and takes along a cinematographer to document this historic venture. But, when his crew, on the surface, is hijacked by a Russian militant group... (read more)


Director's Mark Dennis and Ben Foster

While walking around and clearing his head, he comes across a piano store owned by a husband and wife team in need of help. But, people are always watching and now he must stand up against the consequences... (read more)


Director John "Jon" Seabreak

When the parents and the community start to blame the house and the owners for the loss and disappearances of their children, the tortured and displayed teens are being killed by an internet torture-site junkie named... (read more)


a short by Director Javier Torres

A gambler loses a bet and a ruthless bookie kills his wife and kidnaps his baby son as payment in-full. Determined, the father vows to find his son and will travel across the galaxy...(read more)  


Director Travis Ammons

 Clueless, now this group of geniuses now has to devise a way to sell the rocks. Not being "real" criminals, Dean suggests using Craigslist, an internet selling site, as a means of finding buyers. But Moon rocks are... (read more)


a Short by Director Marcus Freeman

A group of high school friends from Joseph McBride High School meet for a more intimate and informal party after their 15th-year class reunion. But, for Doug Smith hard feelings still haunt him ever since Kevin Chambers sleeps...(read more)


Director San Banarje

A Killer is on the loose and has managed to join the cast and crew of a production company making a movie on an isolated Island housing a dilapidated and haunted mental hospital. With no where to run who can you trust... (read more)


Director Chris Nelson

Exploring the convergence of American Cultural iconic influences in the toy, punk rock and fashion industries with the Japanese cultural influences of art, work ethics and business sense that further influence the genres, ToyPunks... (read more)




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