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"Border Break"



A group of college-age students take a road trip to Cancun, Mexico for Spring Break. Being young is supposed to be fun and adventurous. But, when a simple roadblock comes up, life is never going to be the same again in this suspense feature motion picture by Director Lakisha Lemons called “Border Break”.

Written and Directed by Lakisha Lemons, “Border Break” follows a group of college students (played by Kari Gillespie as Janet Taylor, Denise Williamson as Samantha, Christian Gallegos as Ace and Tyler McElroy as Chad) on their way to Mexico for Spring Break. On the way and while on the main road in Texas, they are diverted by a roadblock and forced to detour and take the long way around. While stopping at a convenient store for gasoline, they inadvertently stumble onto a robbery where a Deputy is shot and killed. In fear that the robber may still be in the store, the group decides to leave the store and find the local Sheriff’s Department. While looking for the Sheriff’s Office, we learn that one of the students is not who he claims to be and the robber (played by LeMarc Johnson) is on the run from something or someone. When they find the Sheriff’s office in this small Texas town in the middle of nowhere, they slowly realize that the office, one of the students and the Sheriff (played by Cory Hart) and his Deputy (played by Frank White) are a front for Human and Sex Trafficking. Now Janet and Samantha are being beaten, held against their will and on the selling block.

The movie itself is structured as a documentary and a filmmaking project set up by the mother to document the events that took place and to recreate the disappearance of her daughter and her friends. She also hires a private detective (played by Trent Daniel) to find her daughter and piece things together.

Ms. Lemons did a more than excellent job in creating a well-made film with suspense, twists, turns and a look into the horrid reality of human trafficking.

Technically, the movie is as one would expect a mock-documentary to look like with handheld cameras, natural lighting and interviews.  Sound was consistent throughout the entirety of the movie, both deep and rich. On the “re-creation” portion of the movie, where a crew was hired to document and re-create the disappearance of Janet and her friends, the movie was, as well, expected in a re-creation with the use of steady cams and handheld cameras. The back music was subtle and moved the movie from scene to scene smoothly and easily. Also, the editing was seamless.

Behind the camera is cinematographer Rakesh Jacob who did a fantastic job in shooting this movie. His use of camera angles, movement, composition of frame, blocking his shot was superb. With his eye and Director’s vision both were able to put together a good story that actually cut between “re-creation”, surveillance video and, of course, a documentary style cinematography. There was a lot going on with this motion picture that, on the surface, looks easy to make, but this was definitely something that took some time to create. “Border Break” is an excellent attempt by Director Lakisha Lemons for a more complicated and technically intricate movie. We think she did an outstanding job with “Border Break”. On the downside, this movie was made like a documentary. It could have been an excellent drama and a story worth watching.

As well, the movie is a good effort, by the team, in telling a complicated story that contained a lot of variables, twists and turns. But, by the end of the movie, the Director was able to bring it all together, powerfully and concisely.

Casting was a collection of some very talented actors that worked together in creating an ensemble. They performed brilliantly together and each of the characters complimented each other resulting in a smooth transition from one character to another. Performances by each of the actors were natural and believable. Each actor is a professional in his or her own right. A special performance from the lead, Ms. Kari Gillespie, was outstanding (she played the role of Janet Taylor). The final scene, by itself, was powerful, scary, sad and very convincing. From this scene alone the audience gets as close as one can to the realities of Human and Sex Trafficking. Judge for yourself, pick up the DVD and watch it. Get involved with the Independent movie scene and become an executive producer. Help indie moviemakers make movies. Open up your wallets for a project you think is up your alley and make some MOVIES!!!

The TSIRS rating: C47Houston News & Entertainment Magazine rates this movie as a low 4.5 out of 5 on the TSIRS scale.

C47Houston was at the premiere and we took some pictures. You can see them on our YouTube Channel at:  https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.3836768517223.2175406.1218281768&type=1&l=cbaa67d8a2

Title: Border Break

Production Company: LL Productions, Advanced Eye Films and Irving Films & Productions

Houston Premiere: April 28, 2012 at the AMC First Colony 24, in Sugar Land, Texas.

Filmed in: Houston Texas

Writer: Lakisha Lemons and Kari Gillespie (treatment)

Director: Lakisha Lemons

Executive Producer: Charles Irving

Producers: Lakisha Lemons, Jesse Young III, JaQuay Young

Cinematographer: Rakesh Jacob

Sound: Vincent Vasquez

Stunts: Mark Chavarria

Casting includes Denise Williamson, Cory Hart, George Cisneros, Christian Gallegos Frank White, Hilary Wagner, Kari Gillespie, Ashley Stern, LeMarc Johnson, Elle Hammons, JaQuay Young, Bobby Simpson II, Ryan Houston, Guillermo Guerrero, Michelle McMullen, Tyler McElroy, Trent Daniel, Catherine Rauth and Sarah Dashun

Websites: www.borderbreakmovie.com








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