Bitcoin and Litecoin Payment:

C47Houston accepts both Bitcoin and Litecoin transactions. Payment addresses are listed below. 

INSTRUCTIONS: Because Bitcoin and Litecoin rates fluctuate according to the Market, please use a Bitcoin or Litecoin converter (or use the links at the bottom) to calculate the current market rates for your Bitcoin or Litecoin transaction. Once calculated, send your payment to the payment address (for Bitcoin or Litecoin) listed below.  When payment is verified, on our side, we will send you a link to your requested publication via your given email address. 

Please provide us with your email address, the Month/Year of the issue you are requesting, (or the issue number of the WEEKLY).  

REMEMBER: Once the transaction is sent, there is NO way of canceling and, of course...there are NO REFUNDS.


Single Issues:   from 2008 through 2010  -  $5+Tax   -  ($5.41)

                           from 2011 through 2012  -  $8+Tax   -  ($8.66)

                      from 2013 through 2014  -  $10.50+Tax   -  ($11.37)

                                                  from 2015 to current Issue - $12.50+Tax - ($13.53)

C47Houston WEEKLY  -  $2+Tax  -  ($2.17)


Please specify Magazine or WEEKLY, Month, issue,  year and email address 



                           Bitcoin Converter:                                                  Litecoin Converter


                       Bitcoin Payment Address:                                    Litecoin Payment Address:   

     1FL3LKRgdfGJmtHAhcFC1XUPqmHqacxRxy    /    LhyZjw9wPHVo1m7Q68cXPdj5bza5sxyVS3



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