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of 2013




C47Houston News & Entertainment Magazine is taking nominations for Houstonís Best Actor and Best Actress of 2013.

From the nominations a panel of judges (in conjunction with audience votes) will pick the top 10 nominated actors/actresses and the winners (one Actor and one Actress) will be the last part of May, 2014. 


(((See the 2013 Nominee's below)))


Actors/Actresses must be from Houston or living in Houston.

Actors/Actresses must be 17 years of age or older in 2013.

All Actors/Actresses must have been in a movie or be in a TV series made, shown in 2013 and that nomination would specify the actor/actress in the movie or series with a particular credited part.

All Actors/Actresses must provide a link to their personal IMDB page.

All Actors/Actresses must provide a useable headshot. (or one will be grabbed from other sources

Nominations do NOT guarantee a win.

Actors/Actresses DO NOT need to attend to receive their awards, but highly encouraged.

All Nominations MUST be made by 11:59PM Wednesday April 30th.

All Nomination MUST be:  

1. in writing, 

2.  Specifying the Actor/Actresses, 

 3. the part being played and the movie and or series in which Actor/Actresses appears.

NO Facebook nominations or PM nominations will be accepted.

You may nominate yourself or nominate someone else.

The person submitting the nomination will remain confidential


 Absolute DEADLINE: 11:59PM April 30th, 2014


How to Nominate:

NOMINATE: Email hector.luna1@yahoo.com with the following information: (just cut and paste this)

 Name of the Actor/Actress: __________________

The Actor/Actress' email address: ______________

Name of the Movie or series where Actor/Actress played: _______________

Name of the character from that movie or series: _________________

The IMDB link for the Actor/Actress: _________________

 Also, after nomination is submitted we will contact the nominated actor/actress for additional information regarding a short written bio of the Actor/Actress, if needed.

 Contact Information:

 For more information or questions email Hector Luna at: hector.luna1@yahoo.com 

This information is also on the Gulf Coast Film & Video Festival Website at: www.GulfCoastFilmFest.com 


And the Nominee's are:

                                        Actors                            Actresses



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