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"Beer & Seed"



An older Navy veteran, divorced and looking to fulfill a void in his life goes back to school (college) and finds things have changed. Life and military experience and falling grades he faces expulsion just a few weeks from graduation. What will he have to do to make it through in this feature coming of age comedy motion picture by Director Bill Cox titled “Beer & Seed: The Seedier Side of Education”.

Written by Bill Cox, “Beer & Seed” tells the story of Bill Cook aka: Beer (played by Bill Cox), a lonely divorced, Navy veteran who is looking for fulfillment by re-living his 20’s by going to college. Using funds from his GI Education Bill and working several jobs to make ends meet, Bill crosses path with the younger and disrespectful student and classmate, Steve (played by Ryan Endicott Sawyer) a pot-smoking know-it-all. Bill also meets Seed, (played by Andrew Peacock) another pot-smoking career students who sells pot. When Steve steals Bill’s pen at the library, Bill takes back the pen by force and stabs Steve’s hand with it. After notifying the school administrators and Dean Morris (played by Dan Lewis) about what happened, Bill, now is being pushed out of school if there is another incident. He is now on the radar.  The Dean informs Bill, after an audit, that he only has 4 weeks to graduate, not a year, based on his “life” and “military” experiences. Bill has to keep his nose clean and his antics in check to graduate. But, this is not going to be easy. He has already step on toes.

Directed by Bill Cox, “Beer & Seed” is about the old and the new. The way Bill and Seed deal with crisis is apparent and the manipulative way the two achieve their goals is a testament to the kind of mentality you have to have to promote ones self.

Technically, the movie is independent in its make-up. Low-budget and with a low-production value, “Beer & Seed” is still a good movie to watch. 

Behind the camera is Seth Conway, who did a good job in his camera work with movement, blocking, angles, composition of frame and capturing a story.

Casting was good too, although, some of the characters were a bit mis-matched to be a true ensemble. Some of the characters didn’t compliment each other and couldn’t stand on their own without the other. Which is a shame as the movie had a lot of potential to be even better with the right cast of actors and characters.

Story wise, and written by Mr. Cox, “Beer & Seed” was campy but had serious undertones with a bit of comic relief. One couldn’t help but empathize with and feel sorry for Bill and the unfair treatment he was receiving because of his age, not by the youngsters but from administrators and teachers. The story itself was a little hard to follow, as it seems to not follow a sequence of events and skipped around. Watching the movie I wasn’t really sure where we were at any given time.

There was an interesting animation created by Jared Kowis included in this feature movie that supplied a memory as Bill was thinking. The animation contained a song called “I Love Fat Chicks” a little ditty written and performed by Mr. Cox. It was a well-done piece of animation and a well thought out song.

Sound was consistent from beginning to end, however, as with most independent movies, this movie didn’t live up to the sound that studio movies produce. Sound was a bit canned.

Editing was good but could have been a little tighter. There were some scenes that seemed to linger on and it wasn’t needed to transition to the next scene.

Over all, the movie was entertaining, fun and easy to watch with some good performances by Roger Palomino and Christine Chen. Judge for yourself, pick up the movie and watch it

The TSIRS rating: C47Houston rated “Beer & Seed” a strong 4.3 out of 5 on the TSIRS scale. And, “Beer & Seed” won C47Houston’s Best “Made in Houston Project for 2012 in the category of Best Feature Comedy Feature. You can see the pictures at: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10202180215566362.1073741847.1218281768&type=1&l=5fd207a60b

C47Houston was at the premiere of "Beer & Seed". You can see the pictures at: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.4509761421625.2189756.1218281768&type=1&l=d994a711a4

C47Houston News & Entertainment Magazine was able to grab Director Bill Cox on Video: http://youtu.be/U9wJ6FUBpB4

Title: Beer & Seed: The Seedier Side of Education

Production Company: Giving Tree Productions, Champions Entertainment Studios, R.W. Productions

Run time: 66-minutes

Houston Premiere: August 28, 2012 at Warehouse Live

Location: Houston, Texas, Lifeway Recover, Art Institute of Houston, Rice University,

Director: Bill Cox

Written by: Bill Cox

Executive Producer: Bob Willems

Cinematographer: Seth Conway

Editor: Seth Conway

Sound by: Andrew Peacock, Dan Lewis

Special Effects by: Cruz Valdez

Music by: Jack Younger

Animation: Jared Kowis

Music and Studio: Michael Traverzo, Word Life Studios

“I Love the Fat Chicks” Lyrics and Vocals Bill Cox

Set Design by: Beverly Cox

Script Consultant: Glenn Barr, Paul Seaburn

Casting: Bill Cox, Andrew Peacock, Christine Tran, Ryan Endicott Sawyer, Roger Palomino, Dessa Erica, Dan Lewis, Tom Combs, Jon Sick, Jeff Raines, Jessica Vasquez, Bucky the Hampster, Andrew Peterson, Lee Krenek, Isabel, Cyndi Frias, Paige Swiney, Adrian Arellano, Ryan Pond.

Websites: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt2762038/






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